Bring Joy Into Your Last Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

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single during the holidays

Avoid Sadness When You’re Single During the Holidays

This time of year can be joyous…or – if you are single during the holidays – it can be pretty crappy. We get to eat more, work less, shop till we drop, and frolic with… Read more

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Being The Only Single in a World of Happy Couples

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Dating a Widower: Can He Be Your Mr. Right?

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Dating After Divorce: 9 Powerful Tips to Lead You to Love

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He Ghosted You. Why and WTF Should You Do Now?

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Why Successful Women Over 40 Stay Single

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The Delightful Difference Between Dating Mature Men and Boys

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Online Dating First Date Tips for Women Over40 (Part 3)

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Online Dating First Date Tips for Women Over40 (Part 2)

Your online dating first dates are great opportunities for you! Though they aren’t really dates at all. Continuing from my last post, when you’re connecting with men using online dating, if you remember nothing else,… Read more