Online Dating First Date Tips for Women Over40 (Part 3)

Continuing from my last two posts, a great way to meet men is to use online dating.

When you meet for the first time after connecting online, though, it’s just a meeting; it’s not dating. Some of these online dating first date meetings will turn into dates, and then some dates into relationships. Gotta love online dating, right? (It’s how I met my husband!)

But this succession will only take place if you get past the meet-date.

During your meet-date, put your absolute best foot forward. Forget about telling him your life story or that one thing about you that he may not like. (Better he learns that in the context of your other lovely qualities.) The goal of the meet-date is simply to get to a real date.

I have 10 Tips to Help You Get Past The Meet-Date To The Real Date. Here are Steps #8- #10.

8. Show up on time, looking great.

I know that this seems obvious. But many of us don’t do too well with our punctuality; we just focus on figuring out how to show up during our busy day.

Many consider it rude for people to be late. It’s a dealbreaker for them. Remember that this is your first and maybe only chance to get that great man to ask you on a date. Focus and give it the attention it deserves.

Make a plan to be on time, and present yourself as the beautiful woman you are. If you’re coming from work, leave a few minutes early so you can go home and change out of your power clothes. If you’re taking a walk with him, don’t even think of wearing your fanny pack and sweats.

Dress femininely, and give him your gift of a big, open smile. (As a note: If you absolutely hate when people are late, let him know so he can make an extra effort. That way your date isn’t a lost cause from the first moments.).

9. Masculine men want to see your femininity.

Studies show that heterosexual men are highly attracted to the feminine aspects of a woman. It’s not that hard to understand, right? That doesn’t mean you need to act like a damsel in distress. In fact, that isn’t at all attractive to real, grownup men. (Mature men want women who are strong and able to take care of themselves, but are also willing and able to receive from these men.)

On your meet date, let the man pay, accept his compliments graciously, and act with loving kindness. In studies, when men are asked why they chose their wives or girlfriends, they consistently identify her kindness as an attractive feminine quality.

Step 10. Have fun while you practice.

Statistically, your online dating meet-date won’t turn out to be him. So what? Every meeting and date is practice that brings you closer to Mr. I Love You.

Enjoy the time and be open to what comes up. Don’t come in with an agenda, and don’t let it ruin your time if, in the first 10 minutes, he doesn’t appear to be your man.

Just relax and let yourself enjoy. You never know; you may just let yourself relax into a very nice feeling. (I’ve seen this happen endless times – when you give it a chance!)

You can also use this as a time to help boost the man’s self-esteem. (Yes, men are as nervous and insecure as we are.). He was nice enough to “pick you” and make the effort of meeting you. (Remember, as we get older the men have way more choices than we do.)

Unless he’s a real creep (which very, very few men are), help him feel good about himself by giving him some compliments and thanking him graciously. You’ll be doing the next woman a favor and sharing a true kindness to this nice man, even if you’re not planning on seeing him again.

So tell me, do you feel better prepared? Let me know and tell me how else I can help you always have fantastic first dates, sister!

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