Finding New Friends Over 50

Finding New Friends Over 50: Feeling Lonely? You Are Not Alone

Girlfriend, do you need some new girlfriends?  One of the biggest challenges my clients have is finding new friends over 50. Most of their girlfriends at this age are either seriously coupled or they skew… Read more

The Key to Finding Love is Believing You Deserve It

Have you ever noticed how, when things go well for us, we women say how “lucky” or “blessed” we are? And men, not so much. Men seem to have an innate sense of entitlement when… Read more

What if This is Your Last Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman?

What if you KNEW this was going to be your last Valentine’s Day as a single woman? The last one spent with “me, myself and I,” with a pack of single girlfriends or alone on… Read more

Do You Test Men Like I Did? (It’s a Wall of I Dare You)

For the past several days I’ve been sharing my There-to-Here story. Yep, this another long email. I have SO much to share and teach you. It will only take you 10 minutes to read this.… Read more

It’s NOT the size of your thighs, sister!

I’m back to continue my story of how I got from “there to here.” Last time I shared my Big Lesson #1: You DO need a stinkin’ man. I finally learned that our “I don’t need a… Read more

You DO Need a Stinkin’ Man, sister

(This is the second of four posts that teach you my “There-to-Here” story. Yep, they’re long. And the 10 minutes it takes you to read this RIGHT NOW may alter the course of your life…directly toward grownup love. Today’s post… Read more

Ever Say “My Life is Great…BUT…?” (Let’s take care of that But!)

Do you ever look back at your old diary or journal entries? It can be pretty dang enlightening. A while ago I came across a diary entry of mine from Valentine’s Day 2001. I was 42.… Read more

Why Can’t I Find Love?

Wondering Why Can’t I Find Love? Here are 47 Things Standing in Your Way

I can say — completely unashamedly — that my years as a married woman have been the absolute best of my life. Hands down. First, I had to I had to ask myself the question:… Read more

Strong woman finding good men

The Truth about Single Men and Strong Women

Are you a smart, independent, single woman who is dating after 40 and having a hell of a time finding good men to date? Are you starting to think there are just no good men… Read more

woman tired of being single

Single Over 40? 3 Simple Steps to Get You Unstuck

By the time I was 47 and never married or even in a long-term relationship I was the epitome of tired of being single. Now, even though I’ve been happily married for 12 years, I… Read more