What to Do When a Man Talks Too Much on a Date [Video]

woman man talks too much on date

Sometime you can’t get men to talk on dates. But I hear stories all the time about men talking too much on dates. They blab their heads off as the woman sits quietly nodding and “uh-hu-ing.” (Notice I didn’t say she was listening.)

Inevitably, these two will never have another date…unless the woman exercises some compassion and knows how to kindly stop him from yapping. (Which, btw, may be saving him from himself!)

We gals generally have the propensity to chat for the sake of it. I love that about women and wouldn’t have it any other way! Yet on dates, it’s not uncommon for it to be the opposite, with the man chattering away.

It could be a sign that he’s completely self-centered or overcompensating for insecurity and that you should run for the hills. Or he could be nervous.

But there is another reason men talk so much on dates that I don’t think we consider:

Single men rarely get the opportunity to talk about themselves and their lives, and our femininity brings this out in them.

Take 10 and watch my video for more about why men do this and what to do to get them to STOP! Then…give me your tips below, ok?

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