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How Do You Answer His Question When It Feels Rude or Scary?

When you’re dating and trying to get to know one another, there’s a good chance he’s going to ask you all kinds of questions. How do you answer his question that seems rude, or that… read the full post…

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You Won’t Hate First Dates When You Follow These Tips

Do you hate first dates? Hey, I used the be the no-second-date queen! But now I know that first dates are wonderful opportunities, and I teach women how to make the very best of every one.… read the full post…

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Woman Dating after 40? Congrats! It’s the Best Time to Find Love!

As your coach it’s my job to guide you through navigating dating at this time of your life. As a woman dating after 40, I’m sure you’re finding that it’s quite different than dating when you… read the full post…

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Is He Into Me? Answering the $1M Question

Dating a man and wondering ‘is he into me?’ Here are four very clear signals to help you KNOW if you are on his radar as a potential girlfriend.


The Delightful Difference Between Dating Men and Boys

If you are a single woman in her 40’s, 50’s or beyond, I have a question for you: When you look at yourself today, are you the same person you were in your 20s or… read the full post…

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What Do I Do When He’s Not Asking Me Out on a Real Date?

He emails and texts…and emails and texts. That’s it. The phone isn’t ringing and he’s not asking you out. All you want is for him to plan a freaking date so you can actually spend… read the full post…

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What You Should Know About Texting and Dating

Over the past few years it seems that almost every dating dilemma I hear from my coaching clients and girlfriends has something to do with texting. Texting and dating definitely isn’t just for 20 year olds… read the full post…


What Turns Men On About Moms, Caretakers and Workaholics

Do you feel stuck in some definition of yourself that you think renders you undatable or uninteresting to men? I received a comment in response to my blog post Just Be Yourself And You Will Easily Attract The Right Man that was… read the full post…

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The Fun of Bringing Out the Best in the Men You Date

This is Nancy, Bobbi’s assistant and Grownup Girls’ Night Out producer. I’m guest-blogging today while Bobbi is taking well-deserved vacation. We had an amazing response to the post “A Man-Fan’s Fiercely Honest Story of Dating after 50.”… read the full post…

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How Dating Like a Man Will Make You Happier

Emotional exhaustion. Hopelessness. Hating men and/or yourself. That’s what dating the wrong way can do to women. You get to feeling like it’s just not worth all the nonsense, hurt and disappointment. Why bother? You have a pretty… read the full post…