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How Do You Answer His Question When It Feels Rude or Scary?

When you’re dating and trying to get to know one another, there’s a good chance he’s going to ask you all kinds of questions. How do you answer his question that seems rude, or that… Read more

What Do I Do When He’s Not Asking Me Out on a Real Date?

He emails and texts…and emails and texts. That’s it. The phone isn’t ringing and he’s not asking you out. All you want is for him to plan a freaking date so you can actually spend… Read more

How to Talk to a Man About Something That’s Bugging You (and Save Your Relationship!)

My client Rebecca had been dating Jim for six months. They had been exclusive almost since the day they met, and their relationship was moving along quite nicely. She really dug him, and they talked… Read more

Why Dating Older Men Seems Boring & What You’re Missing If You Don’t

“Ann” is a 50-something single woman, using online dating. She’s looking for an energetic, passionate and interesting man. The majority of men who are contacting her are old dudes; like in their 60s. Dating older men seems so freaking… Read more

A Single Man’s Thoughts About Your Body (Part 2)

This is a second post from a 50-something anonymous Man-Fan.  (You can read Part 1 here.) After experiencing so many women put themselves down, pull back from intimacy and not accept his compliments, he decided to… Read more

what men want in a womans body

What Do Mature Single Men Find Sexy? (A Man’s Thoughts About Your Body Part 1)

This post is from a 50-something anonymous Man-Fan.  He took his time to share his experience and point of view on what mature single men find sexy. It’s not like what you think or see… Read more

Men and commitment

The Big Myth About Men and Commitment (ask George Clooney)

When I say these two words — MEN and COMMITMENT — what comes to mind? Men are commitment phoebes? Men are afraid of marriage? Men just want the milk without buying the cow?  Does anything like this pop… Read more

When Do You Say ‘No’ to Another Date or Give Him Another Chance?

So you think you’re going to meet a great guy with real potential, only to find out that he’s got scary baggage, a health issue or a habit you just can’t stand. Find out if… Read more

Bobbi Palmer on UBN Radio

Dish with Me & Mrs. D. – Hear My Horrible Dating Mistakes and More

Want to hear  how I used to mess up dates over and over…and how I learned to do it differently? Or maybe how I kicked my old stories to the curb and knocked down the… Read more

Dating After 50: How to Get Back in the Game

If you’re a woman dating after 50 here is the GOOD NEWS: now is the best time to find love! Listen in to this fun and informative interview as I dish about online dating after… Read more