Do’s and Don’ts About Online Profile Photos for Women Dating after 40

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Posting photos on your online dating profile can feel agonizing, especially for women and most especially for women who are dating later in life. Writing a profile and filling out questionnaires can be a challenge, but the posting pictures part is the hardest part for many. It’s true that you’re putting yourself out there and […]

Why Older Men Seem So Boring and What You’re Missing If You Won’t Date Them

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For the past few weeks I’ve been running my Date Like a Grownup Challenge: Create a Profile that Makes You Shine Online. It has been an amazing experience. Over 1000 women are registered and learning step-by-step how to create an online profile that helps you stand out and expresses who you are in a grownup, attractive way. […]

A Single Man’s Thoughts About Your Body (Part 2)


This is a second post from a 50-something anonymous Man-Fan.  (You can read Part 1 here.) After experiencing so many women put themselves down, pull back from intimacy and not accept his compliments, he decided to share the man’s point of view. I hope you love what he says as much as I do. He’s a […]

Hate First Dates ? Do This and You Won’t.

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My hubby and I skipped town last weekend for a 3-day Las Vegas getaway. It was spur of the moment, with a place to stay but no dinner reservations or show tickets. We threw some summer clothes in a bag, gassed up the car and hit the road. Spontaneous, open and with an attitude that […]

The Road to Dating Hell: Advice from Your Friends


You have met a new guy that you really like. You’ve gone on a second date and you’re pretty excited about him. You call your girlfriend who has been receiving ongoing reports since you first connected with him online. She knows everything that’s actually transpired between you as well as what’s been going on in […]

A Simple Tip to Help You Look Your Best in Online Dating Photos

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There is tons of proof that being online is a great way to meet your mate. I met my husband online (on and many of the women I support have met their guys online. In fact, I have weddings coming up for two women I have been coaching: one for a woman in her […]

One Surprising Way Men Help Us While Hurting Us

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It’s your fear of rejection that is getting you rejected. ~~ Bobbi Palmer I know…I write about rejection a lot: how to recognize when it is and isn’t real; how there’s no such thing as rejection when you’re meeting guys using online dating; and how to learn from it, recover and move on to the […]

What Does a Man Have to Be to Make You Happy?

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Here is a story that you may not immediately relate to, but stay with me. It may very well lead you to a mid-week dating or relationship breakthrough! One of my current coaching clients, Sharon, (who gave me permission to share) came to me because she was dating, but not getting any traction romantically. She […]

What is Your Online Dating IQ?


I know I sound like a broken record about the benefits of dating online, especially if you are single and over 40. I’m going to continue to nag you about this because I want what you want: for you to find the man of your dreams, and to never let each other go. Getting online […]

Rethinking Your Dating Over 40 Deal Breakers

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I met my husband in 2006 on the online dating site, This is my story of how close we were to never meeting because of my deal breakers. I also give you my very specific advice for how to handle it if you stumble across a good guy who appears to have one of […]

3 Online Dating “Do’s”

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You can meet the spectacular, special man who is going to be your life partner using online dating. I met the love of my life on, so of course I recommend it to all my friends, coaching clients, in my workshops…really to anyone who will listen! Here are three things I recommend you keep […]

5 Top Tips to Online Dating Success

Date Like A Grownup

You can meet the spectacular man who is going to be your life partner using online dating, or you can waste a ton of time and energy trying. It took me years of being online before I met my husband, Larry, on, when I was 47. For about six of those years I was […]

Single Over 40? Claim Your Power

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As all you Americans know, we’re heading into one of our famous three-day weekends (non-Americans, play along please): Memorial Day. This is the official start of the summer season: a time to remember all those who served in our military, a time to break out the BBQ and the bathing suit (ugh), and a time […]

A Simple Way to Attract the Right Men (Like Magic)!


I’m sure you know that in order to attract the right man you need to feel great about yourself. That’s why Step One of my 6-Step Find Hope and then Find Him System is Who Am I: Falling in Love With Myself. You have to know why you rock and truly believe that you’ll make […]

Avoid Dating Burnout by Thinking More Like a Man


This week I spoke with my client, “Sue,” who recently entered the online dating world. Right off the bat she had scoped out a profile she really liked and emailed him. He seemed interested, attentive and pretty fabulous on paper. The next thing you know…she has a date! When they met in real life, he […]

Online Dating Rejection: There’s No Such Thing!


This is one skill I want you to master: Rejecting online rejection. Learning to accept rejection gracefully, with as few “dings” to your self-esteem as possible, is key  to finding your true love. As a dating coach, I’ve found the #1 reason you won’t have success with online dating is giving up too soon. What […]

5 Must-Know Tips for Online Dating after 40

Date Like A Grownup

Let’s face it: Meeting single men can be hard, especially if you’re in your 40s, 50s or beyond. You’re not meeting men at work or in bars anymore. You can talk to only so many men in the grocery store. Your circle of friends is either the same it’s been for years, or post-divorce you […]

Exactly What to Say to Men in Difficult Situations

Date Like a Grownup

In dating, good communication is the key to meeting and attracting men… especially the right men. It’s also the key to developing and maintaining fulfilling relationships. One of the most important ways I support my coaching clients is by helping them communicate well with men. Online or offline, good communication requires certain knowledge and skill. […]

What Are You Doing to Meet Your Ideal Man?


What are you doing this coming weekend? Are you getting out to have some fun? Are you going somewhere to be around people and practice your connection skills? Are you hopping online and writing emails to five fine men you’ve scoped out? No? You’re not? If you’re like I was when I was single, or […]

Why Online Dating Is Not for You


Last week I hosted a workshop called Get Online, Get Noticed, Get Dates, Exclusively for Women over 40. I had a fantastic time with these smart and lovely women who really want to meet their mate. It was a total blast, and they all left excited and feeling like they had the confidence and tools […]

Why We Pick the Wrong Men When Dating


I’m going on vacation and haven’t packed a thing. So I’m re-posting this popular article about keeping an open mind and being realistic when you date. If I didn’t follow this advice five years ago, I’d be where you are: reading someone else’s blog to learn how to find a good guy. Happy reading. Let […]