How to Say “No” (Whether You Like Him or Not) [Video]

Believe in YOU-say no to a man

We just hate to say no to a man, don’t we? I mean we’re supposed to be nice and make him like us. Isn’t that what we learned from the time we were little girls?

Well, you’re a woman now, and that “I must please every man” feeling (I hope) is long gone. Also, you’re dealing with grownup men now. They aren’t delicate, ego-driven boys anymore. (At least most!) And they are responsible for their own outcomes and feelings.

So. what do you do when a man asks you out and you aren’t interested? Or what about when you like a man, but he’s doing something that kinda bugs you?

Are you worried about hurting his feelings?

Here are my simple tips for how to say “no” to a guy you don’t want to see again (don’t worry…he can take it) or you DO, but he better stop doing what he’s doing or you’ll have to flee.

Pssst: It’s pretty easy and you might be surprised at what I’m telling you!

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