How Sitting in Your Sh*t Will Help You Let Love In

Today I’m talking to you about sitting in your sh*t so you can let love in. If you took the time to really think about it, there is so much junk that gets mucked up by this time in our life, it’s amazing we don’t just go “disk full” and stop taking new things in.

Let’s face it: we’re kinda old and we’ve gathered a ton of stuff! Memories of old flames, ideas about men, feelings about yourself and your worthiness as a match for some hot, smart guy…all this gunk clogs up our intake valve. Enough of it can render us completely unable to take in anything new, anything inspiring or anything “outside the box” of what we already (think we) know.

And as long as that old stuff lingers, the room for new opportunity, new learning and new enjoyment has no place. It gets pushed out. Eaten alive by the old crap vying for position.

I’m getting rid of a ton of my old stupid stuff to make room for some new, super exciting opportunities. So…tell me…what can you get rid of that’s no longer serving you?

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And be sure to let me know what your “purge plan” is below!!

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