10 Things You Can Learn about a Guy without Interrogating Him

You know how I constantly tell you that you don’t have to dig deep into a man’s soul or obtain a full biography upon first meeting? There are a lot of things you can learn about him just from a few enjoyable dates. Right?

Well, The Urban Dater, one of my favorite man-bloggers, has written a great article pointing out the many important things we can learn simply by spending a little time with him and without requiring his life story.

This is from his article, 10 Things You Can Learn About a Man in 3 Dates or Less:

…Get­ting to know some­one is fun, but the prob­lem is that it takes time… No one wants to waste time. So I’m gonna give the ladies a lit­tle somethin’ some­thin’ to help with fil­ter­ing out men they may not be into…

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