You Deserve True Love After 40

This weekend I attended a seminar about men and marriage with about 200 gorgeous, smart women. We were all there to learn about ourselves and about men. If I had to wrap it up into one sentence I’d say we learned how to understand and love men for who they are and how to get the love we want and deserve in partnerships with these fabulous men.

I already share a lot of what they covered and there is more that I will write about over the next couple months. In the meantime, after spending the weekend with these women who were so beautiful inside and out, yet prisoners of their own self doubt and self criticism, I have to pass along something NOW…before I burst: You are valuable, deserving and loveable…even though you are imperfect.

This especially jumped out to me as I’ve been writing my series What Dating is Like for Men about the way women may behave that turns men away. In the following weeks I’m shining a light on what you may consider your “imperfections.” Yes…when we get scared or disappointed, we can behave like complete dodoheads. (Or, as I call it: being human.) But you are still fantastic and so deserving of love!

Can you accept who you are right here, right now? Loving who you are today doesn’t require feeling that you are “fully cooked.” You don’t have to be the perfect woman, friend or lover in order to feel worthy of love and adoration. I’m sure you love many people who are less than perfect in these areas. Yet you love them, right?

You are still going to evolve, improve, and become even more wonderful. But accepting and really liking your imperfect self is essential – not just to finding love – but to creating peace and joy in all areas of your life.

So give yourself a hug and know that you are enough – just the way you are today. And the fact that you may see some areas you can improve yourself and your life only makes you that much more spectacular!

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