Good Communication is Key When Dating Over 40

Date Like a Grownup

Men and women are more alike than we tend to think. We all want to be loved, to be understood and to feel safe in our most precious relationships. There are, though, some clear differences in how we hear, listen and process information.

I saw this cartoon and it reminded me of two ways men and women can improve our communication:

Date Like a Grownup

Men can let us know when they are checking out. I know they have to do it sometime, but it would be nice if they could tell us it’s coming. If you (think you) see your man going cave bound, give him the space and time he needs and — this is important: don’t assume it’s about you.  If, while cave bound, he figures out there is something he wants from you, he will let you know when he comes out.

Women can cut the attitude and tell men (kindly) what will make you happy. And if you won’t tell him, don’t blame him for getting it wrong, sister.

Just some thoughts. What are yours?

Reprinted from New Yorker magazine

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