Are You Dismissing a Great Guy for the Wrong Reasons?

I’m just coming from an interview where I talked about quick judgments and what a real waste of a potentially great guy that can be. It’s time to realize you’re carrying some expectations and judgments around that are keeping you from getting to know some great men – each one a potential grownup love story! Every man has a story of his own, a path that led him to where he is in life at the point you meet him, and that story is worth hearing before you make a decision on whether or not he fits your ideal.

In the video below I share a prime example of a woman who almost walked away from a really great guy because of one little piece of information that ultimately made perfect sense once she had the whole story.

[jwplayer mediaid=”14285″]

What’s my point? Instead of judging a man on initial perceptions and small pieces of information – ask for his story – things are always more complicated than they appear at first glance. Do yourself the favor of truly learning about a man before you decide if he’s worth your attention, and intention.

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