Busting the Myth: There Are No Good Men Out There

This week seems to be the week of cynicism. Is the moon in some funky position or something? I’ve talked with so many of you who have expressed the feeling of sadness and defeat around dating and finding love. And it seems to be coming down to this basic belief: “There just aren’t good men, especially ones who appreciate a woman like me.”

I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a meaningful and persuasive response, but all that comes to me is “Yes There Are!!!” Somehow, my screaming this over and over just isn’t doing the trick.

So I thought I’d just show you. I want to show you all the loving, kind, trustworthy, committed men who are in love with my girlfriends. These women are all over 40. Many (including me) are well over 40. We are strong, smart, and accomplished, and we had pretty great lives when we met our true loves. Several of us met our men within the last few years. Some are married; some are not. Some have kids, whether natural and adopted. Some have had challenges, but they have maintained their commitment.

We are in joyful, grownup, nurturing relationships. And yet we remain the strong and independent women we were when we found our mates. That’s part of what our fabulous men love about us.

These nice men didn’t just show up. We had to make some effort and some shifts to find them. But we did, and you can too. Now here’s my advice: Get to work. There are some damn good men out there waiting for you. Do them a favor and go find them.

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