Single Over 40? New Ideas for Things to Do This Weekend

When I was single I had a love/hate relationship with weekends. I loved having the extra time off work; I hated that I didn’t have a man to spend the time with. The truth is, though, that I didn’t need a man to have fun or accomplish something meaningful. In many cases, I just needed ME!

I thought I would help you out by giving you a bunch of ideas of things to do this weekend. I have all kinds of thoughts about how to make this, or any other weekend, enjoyable–with or without a man or a friend. (Although I strongly suggest you pick one of these and call a friend to join you this weekend!)

  • Have a chick-date with a new friend.
  • Go on a cheap weekend getaway.
  • Go to a department store makeup section and get a free makeover.
  • Buy a new dress and pair of sandals. (Summer is here!)
  • Get tickets for a play or other live event. Grab a discount if you can by going to
  • Go to a singles event or just one to meet a new girlfriend. (Google “[your city] singles” or go to
  • Go to a wine-tasting event – they have those all over now.
  • Wonder around a local organic market and learn about some new foods. (I’ve recently learned what Ghee is and bought garbanzo flour.)
  • Give your dog a bath, then march her proudly around the dog park. (Great place to meet men!)
  • Sign up for golf lessons.
  • Do phone banking for your favorite cause or politician.
  • Volunteer in your community helping children, saving the planet, rescuing animals, beautifying your city…tons of people need you.
  • Go to the art, science, history…whatever museum.
  • Go to a seminar or lecture, maybe to learn more about yourself or men.
  • Go to the local library and make goo-goo eyes at all the smart men.
  • Call or email the guy who got away.
  • Organize and conduct a car wash to raise money for the local schools. (They need it!)
  • Plant a garden.
  • Get that massage you’ve been talking about. (These days there are ways to get all kinds; many reasonably priced.)
  • Have a picnic and read a book at the park. (Preferably one that will give you some new dating skills. Hey! How about my eBook.)
  • Learn to paddleboard, bowl, or do some other sport you’ve been talking about.
  • Organize a Parcheesi or poker party and have everyone bring one guest – male or female; either is fun.
  • Take a bike ride.
  • Get online and don’t get off until you connected with 10 men in some way. (wink, email…whatever)
  • Go to the local big book store, find a book and read it there. Make sure you notice the smart men.)
  • Ask a man to help you carry something, give his advice, fix your car…just see what it’s like to receive. (Yeah, really…just do it.)
  • Take a class (Salsa, Spanish, wine tasting, floral arranging, tennis…)
  • Go to the beach, mountains or some other scenic area to paint, draw or just observe the beauty alone or with a friend.
  • Try a new restaurant, but make it out of your area, and then go have a drink.
  • Do a good deed. Walk someone’s dog, watch someone’s child while they do something fun, or shop for your elderly neighbor.
  • Call a friend who’s been down in the dumps and ask her what movie she has been wanting to see. Then take her and buy her popcorn.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and talk to those folks you’ve been seeing every day but not getting to know.
  • Start a gratitude journal by listing all the people and things you are grateful for.
  • Make your own list of fun, meaningful, satisfying things to do!

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