10 Mini-Resolutions to Attract More Men You Want To Date

You want to attract more men, right? The right men? It’s both an art and a science. It’s about making some small adjustments, trying new things and just plain getting out of your rut. (And out of your house.) What better time than the new year to change things up a bit?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. ~ Anthony Robbins

Here is my list of mini-changes that can have maxi-results and attract more men.

  1. Incorporate more color into your wardrobe. Think…….violet, blush pink, azure blue, tomato red. Maybe add some colorful prints in blouses or scarves. Men in general, but especially men over 40 are attracted to the confidence and femininity of color, especially when worn around your face. And it will lift YOUR spirits as well.
  2. Update your online dating profile pics – maybe include one with you wearing color? Men are visual creatures and are attracted to seeing you both up close (headshot) and in body-con (not overtly sexy, though) outfits. Something that shows off what YOU like about your body. Your waistline, your calves, your shoulders.
  3. Brush up on your grownup flirting skills. 80% of communication is body language.
  4. When on a first date or even looking at a man’s profile, first find three things you like about him. We tend to look for the negatives first; what discounts him as a potential suitor. Wonder why you aren’t attracting men you want to date? This is one big reason.
  5. Be on time to all your meet dates. Fashionably late is actually rude. (I should know. I’m often fashionably late. Larry hates it. I’m working on it.)
  6. Next time you get a compliment, smile and respond with “Thank you.” Period. No explanation, back-tracking, or being “humble.” It’s harder than you think and may take some practice, but it’s worth it. Men will be attracted to your confidence. And you’ll start allowing yourself to take in the kindness and good thoughts about yourself. Yummy.
  7. Encourage more face-time with your dates than texting. Remind yourself that texting is NOT dating. Nor is emailing. Move to the date, sister. That’s the only thing that really matters.
  8. Go to one group-type event each month; alone. Try Meetup group, Sierra Club hike, single’s vacation,  REI class. Google “over 40 single events” in your town. Wine tasting, political action, poker clubs, dancing, single’s hike, whatever interests you…even a little. Just chose one, sign-up and go.
  9. Tell five people that you’re looking for a fantastic man over 40 in your life and ask each to help you meet two men. Give them some of your must-haves. (Got the math? Woohoo!)
  10. Remember, knowledge is power. If you haven’t already, read my article, The Delightful Difference Between Dating Men and Boys. You will learn some things you need to know about grownup men. You’ve changed since your twenties, right? So have they.


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