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Hi, I’m Bobbi Palmer

The dating & relationship coach for women over 40

In 2006 I walked down the aisle for the first (and last) time at age 47. I was a never-married ex-valley girl. He was a twice-married ex-pig farmer. Who knew? But we’re damn happy. Sharing my heart with this man is the greatest accomplishment of my life.

After 25 years of success as an adult educator in corporate America, I realized that I had something new to teach. Women like you who have a pretty good life, had to know what I added to mine: the passion, inner-peace and lasting partnership that comes from creating a loving, forever, grownup relationship. It’s the icing on our cake, sister.

I finally learned how to love and be loved. I’m so happy that you’re here. And so grateful that you’re going to accept my help. I’ve helped thousands of women all around the world write their grownup love story. Now it’s your turn. Let’s get this party started! Read more…

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