Why Men Disappear After a Few Great Texts, Calls, or Dates

Men disappear only sunglasses left

So many women want to know why men disappear. You know the story:

He texts or calls and you have a great conversation.

He asks you out, once, twice even three times…you think it’s going great and maybe even that it has potential and then…POOF! He disappears. No calls. No response to your texts.

Crickets from the guy you thought had the potential to be The One.

You’re confused. This isn’t the first time and you’re wondering why men show interest but don’t end up ‘picking’ you? Why do they keep disappearing?

In this video, I tell you the common reasons why men disappear and give you specific, real-life dating advice to help you keep him interested and coming back.

After you watch the video leave me a comment below and let me know if you think you may have made one of both of these mistakes.

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