Romantic Getaway: Cancun, Mexico, Isla Mujeres

I know…I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties. But when you see where I’ve been, you’ll completely understand.

For the past week Larry and I have been hiding out on an island off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Isla Mujeres is an island about five miles in radius in the state of Quintana Roo. We’ve been doing nothing but sunning, reading, eating, and loving each other. I’ve read two books. We’ve been relatively technology-free.

We started our trip by flying into Cancun’s airport, then taking a 20-minute water taxi ride to the island. The water is the most amazing turquoise-blue color. When you get off the boat, you’re splat in the middle of downtown. There is no McDonald’s here, no Hard Rock Cafe. But strangely enough, there is a 7‑11. The “supermarket” is about as big as our neighborhood convenience store.

The people of Isla Mujeres are friendly, work very hard, gladly speak English to us, and are so glad we’re here. The Swine Flu scare has decimated tourism in the area, which is the residents’ primary source of income. There have been no cases of the flu here. Nada. Please come.

The fish and seafood is luscious. The first night we ate at a beachfront restaurant. We’re not talking Gladstone’s. This restaurant had all sand “floors,” and the plastic tables sat about 10 feet from the old rickety fishing boats. As we sat there, we actually saw them carrying in fish straight from the fishing boat to the kitchen. Yum!

We’ve traveled the entire island by golf cart, which is the main form of transportation here. We went to the Turtle Farm, North Beach, and South Beach. We saw ruins, some spectacular mansions (inhabited by Americans no doubt), and some areas that made me want to cry. We happened on this place, called Zama, which is now our favorite passtime.

The worst things I can say about the island is that they don’t seem to have fresh ground coffee, only instant. And there are iguanas everywhere. It’s cool at first, but when there are five of them staring at you and one starts coming toward you, it’s kinda unnerving. I know they’re harmless. So what? They’re kinda freaky.

So I trust that you forgive my post-less week. I’ve been sitting by a pool, eating and drinking, spending time with the man I love more than any human being I’ve ever known. Of all things, it’s he who has earned and deserves this vacation. I am more grateful to him and for him than I can express.

Come to Isla Mujeres. They need your business. Come with a man you love; come with your friends. No doubt, you can use the rest and the peace you find here.

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