United in Dating over 40: Why This Happily Married Woman Still Loves Women

Dating over 40 is never done alone: women unite!

Last night I went to the greatest event. It was a downright chick fest with the most interesting, enthusiastic, creative, beautiful women. I was in heaven!!

The name of the event was “30 Haute Tips to Make Your Business More Attractive From the Inside Out.” Catchy, huh? It was put on by a group of women who own different businesses that cater to women. This was obviously a way for them to increase visibility for their businesses, and they accomplished that; I’m signing up with a couple of them. But what I’m awed and inspired by is that these brilliant and talented women got together, pooled resources and ideas, and created an evening with the perfect blend of pure femininity and brazen power.

Okay, imagine this. We walk into this huge room that has these spectacular, brilliant vanities and lighted mirrors scattered throughout. Oh my gawd, if you want to get something that makes you feel glamorous and special, run to Maxine’s website and get one of these. We’re talking feel-like-a-movie-star stuff here.

At each of these vanities were smiling and welcoming women, all experts in making women look and feel beautiful. While some of us did our free 10-minute sessions with these experts, the others ate luscious hors d’ouevres and stood around cocktail tables meeting and chatting. (And yes, exchanging business cards.)

I had two beauty sessions: Terri Apanasewicz, a highly skilled and oh-so-friendly make-up expert, gave me great tips for making my makeup look just a little more subtle. (It’s all about smudging your liner with a little brush, ladies.) Then there was Barbra Horowitz, an honest-to-goodness stylist to the stars who herself is gorgeous and so accomplished. Barbra does Virtual Styling, which I’m starting this week. This is something I really need. I’m tired of looking like a frumpy 50 year old. I know this kind of stuff will be essential to anyone dating over 40 so I‘ll tell you about it and share tips as I do it.

So…we get all pretty, talk each others’ ears off, and munch on yummy food. Then we sit for a few very professional and fun presentations about building and running your business. We’re talking everything from to how to use Twitter to increase your business to how to use NLP to sell more stuff.

I learned a lot, but here’s what I loved the most about the evening:

  • A collection of smart and generous women with different businesses collaborated to create a fun and highly successful event.
  • It didn’t matter if your business was merely a thought or if it had been highly successful for years. There was absolute love and respect in that room.
  • I met so many women who were open to looking for love and being coached. We’re talking exceptional women here. I’m always happy when I get to give advice at a party.
  • This was the perfect illustration of how women can be über-feminine and not lose one bit of their power.

Remember that in your life, and especially when you’re meeting and loving men in the whole word of dating over 40, being “girly” doesn’t mean you’re any less smart, any less ambitious, or any less independent. They can all exist together quite nicely.

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