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It is not too late and you are not too old. Your grownup love story is waiting and I’m here to be your expert partner.

I know it’s frustrating – even a little scary. But you can nail this love-thing once and for all. All you need is some new information, expert guidance and someone to keep you encouraged and accountable.

When you imagine it, what does a happy life with a wonderful man feel like to you? Is it feeling safe and at peace? Feeling hot and adored? Is it knowing that you have a constant companion who always has your back and loves you for all you are (and are not)?

Whether you enjoy dating, make good choices, and eventually find that fantastic man to share your life…is ALL ABOUT YOU: your beliefs, your spirit, your desires, your decisions, your fortitude, and your dreams.

Whatever your dream, whatever your challenge…I am here to support, guide and educate you to gently (yet purposefully!) move you toward your goal of finding that One Man who will love and adore you for the rest of your life.

I offer several ways to support you. Whether you prefer working with me 1-1 in person, on the phone, via Skype or via email; or you prefer the dynamic of a group setting…I have a program that matches your very special needs and your preferred style.

My expert coaching is based on my proven and powerful 6-Step System to Hot Love after 40.

This foundation prepares you to go out in the world as a confident, optimistic and powerful woman who is unashamedly committed to bringing love into her life. 

My system guides you through learning:

Step 1:  Who Am I? Falling in Love With My Grownup, Sexy Self
Own how utterly desirable you are to the men YOU want, and know how to express yourself as the powerful, loving woman you are.

Step 2: Who is He? Getting Past My List
Learn the difference between a good date and a good mate by getting crystal clear about the man and relationship that will truly make you happy.

Step 3: I’m Fantastic, So What’s the Damn Problem?
Name and clear the old “stuff” that’s getting in your way.

Step 4: Casting the Net: Where is He and How Do I Meet Him?
Let’s make a plan! What are the many places you can go to meet single men. Learn how to initiate and maintain conversation and get him to ask you out. (Online and off — using my step-by-step scripts.)

Step 5: From Rendezvous to Romance
Learn how to relax into your dates as you flirt with flair, keep him interested and learn what you need to know about him so you can make a good choice.

Step 6:  Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Your intuition isn’t going to guide you to good decisions. Learn the specific questions to ask and things to consider when deciding if he’s a potential great mate and, if he’s not, when and how to leave.

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