How a Woman Just Like You Found Love at 59

“Mature love is not Tom Cruise jumping on a couch.” Don’t you just love that? That is a quote from Lynn, a 59 year old professional woman who recently married her forever guy. Lynn was first married when she was 23. Her first husband met all the “must haves” on her list such as: he was the right age, had parents who were not divorced, was a highly educated professional and they had “chemistry.”

Remember those lists from our early 20s? Mine was something along the lines of: must be tall, college educated, make me laugh, great conversationalist, my friends must like him and he had to give me butterflies. (Red hair was a bonus. I love people with red hair.)

Cut to Lynn’s life 30 years later: A divorce, kids, moves to new cities, career changes and years of being single and completely capable. Lynn had accomplished a lot, but was tired of being single. She had a singular ah-ha moment that changed everything for her. Once she had that moment she made a 180 turn, chucked her “list” and promptly met and married her fabulous man.

When you hear her audio interview you will find out why breaking all of her “rules” was a turning point for Lynn. My interview with her is a taste of my upcoming “Get Naked with Bobbi” series. In this series I interview successful, happy women over 40 who found their grownup love story. They tell about their journey, how they finally met their man, how they keep their relationship going and how grownup love has changed their life.

These are real interviews with real women so we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. We get real and kinda naked, if you know what I mean. But we are grownups, right? We can handle it.

Click here to enjoy this interview and get inspired by Lynn’s story. I want to hear your thoughts! What part of her story resonated with you and inspired you?

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