When Is It Safe to Feel Hopeful He Is the One

When you know He is the one

…So You Can Open Your Heart!

How do you know when to feel safe and feel like he is the one?

You’re dating someone and you adore him. He says he’s right there with you. And acts like it. Things seem to be going really fast!

Damn, it FEELS GOOD. It’s also SCARY.

How do you know when it’s okay to feel SAFE and HOPEFUL with a new guy…to know he is The One??

Honestly, you both have to be ready to JUMP IN with both feet in order for a relationship to mature and to last. So holding back your feelings can sabotage any hope of it turning into the REAL DEAL.

On the flip side, going all-in too early can end up destroying you. (You’ve probably been there before; like most of us.) 

I get this question all the time from the women I coach. They meet someone (usually online)…

they’re excited…

they ask me how many weeks or months they should wait before they can SAFELY OPEN THEIR HEART.

The number of days or hours you’ve spent together has very little to do with when you should feel safe and go for it.

If you want to know the #1 THING that has to happen before you let yourself feel SAFE and HOPEFUL

watch my new coaching video here.  

It’s a simple answer, really. It’s exactly what allowed my hubs and me to meet, move in together, and get married within 6 months after meeting… 

and spend 13 pretty great years together (so far). 

Take about 7 minutes to learn The #1 Thing that has to take place before you should GO FOR IT!!  

​​​​​​What do you think? I want to know your thoughts. Does this make sense? Would knowing this in the past have saved you from any heartbreak or otherwise bad decisions? 


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