What Single Men Over 40 Think and Feel

Do you ever wish that you could eavesdrop on men talking about dating, love, sex and relationships? Well…you are about to.

As part of my Man Panel during my telecourse “The Secret to Meeting Men after 40” I conducted a Man Panel where I asked three fabulous men questions that were submitted by myself and the participants of the course. Here is an excerpt of that program that I thought you just must hear!

Thank you to these three generous, honest and grownup men who, solely for the reason of helping women, gave their time to participate. (They loved it, btw.)

Marcus Michael Norman


[audio src=”https://datelikeagrownup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Man-Panel-record-ing-How-Are-you-diff-now-15-Nov_22-21.mp3″]

Click this player to listen.

Stay tuned…you will be able to hear the entire interview soon!

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