What Do Mature Men Want from Women

what a mature man wants

When it comes to choosing a forever partner, what do mature men want from women?  As always, I’m talking about Good Grownup Men.

What these guys are looking for in a forever partner is different than what 20 or 30-something men are looking for. Knowing the difference will help you make truly deep connections with good men all around you.

Mature (grownup!) men have confidence and a strong sense of self.  They know what they want and don’t want. They show up in life with authority, power, and strength.

For the mature man, relationships are no longer all about libido and ego. They are looking for real connection.

That’s the guy you want, right?

Well, here’s what this man wants:

He wants to have fun and have intellectual stimulation. And good sex, of course. But in order for him to feel romantic about you, he needs more.

When he’s with You he wants to be able to rest. He wants to be able to shed his proverbial suit and just be a nice guy and enjoy his time with you.

Some men describe this as having a safe place to land.

If you want to be able to give men this gift, watch this video. Then let me know your thoughts!

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