Want to Meet Men? Take Action and You’ll Get Reaction

I’m always asked “where can I meet men?” And I always answer: everywhere and anywhere. And then I get a look of confusion or frustration. What? You don’t believe me? Read this and get one woman’s story of finding Hope…and being on her way to finding Him.


It’s 2:05 AM here. I’m in my family room in my jammies, cats by my side, with the lights off. Thank goodness my new cool Mac has a lit keyboard.

I’m working in the dark because my husband Larry hates when I work till all hours, so I don’t want to wake him up. See…if he does wake, he’ll shuffle out and look at me with that “you know I disapprove of you doing this” look. (He worries about my health.)

I hate when he’s displeased or disappointed with me. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I feel horrible. I can’t stand the thought that I may have made him unhappy.

I’ll fill you in on a funny secret: when he’s bugged with me, sometimes I’ll ask him “you’re not going to break up with me, are you?” He always looks at me like I’m some kind of freak when I say that…and just shakes his head.

See…since I was single and dating for 30 years, I have to remind myself he’s married to me…stuck with me forever, lucky guy. Old habits die damn hard, don’t they?

Speaking of which…I wanted to share my Friday Quickie Newsletter that I sent to my community list today. (If you’re not signed up for this and my other free gifts…what are you waiting for? Do it now! )

Here it is:

I’m in the middle of conducting my 6-part Mastering the Mystery of Meeting Men telecourse. I have 25 amazing women participating.

I am sincerely in awe of how, in just two weeks, so many of these women have stepped up and made some significant positive changes in their lives.

I want to share one of their emails with you. Even though I’ve been where you are, and I know that my story helps you, I want you to hear from someone who is in the same place as you: frustrated and scared of being alone forever. That is…she was in that place until recently.

I received this yesterday after my “Who is He: Getting Past Your List” session:

Hi Bobbi, I’m really enjoying this and feeling hopeful. It occurred to me when we were talking about falling in love with myself and the “what have I accomplished/who Am I” list that wow, yes, I am pretty neat and do bring a lot to a relationship.

But I also realized that men can’t tell all that when I’m out and about and they just see me. I don’t have all that good stuff written on my forehead.

What I’ve started changing recently is being more open and approachable so they get the vibe there is some good stuff underneath the exterior, because looking back, I’ve never been that way in my life! Always shy, aloof, not interested (even though I was!).

But since I’ve recently become more approachable, I’ve had viable men start conversations with me in 2 different grocery stores! Believe me, Bobbi, no man has ever said boo to me in a grocery store before. I’ve been too chicken to move it along to asking them to coffee nearby but one of these times…!

Thanks again – you have a true “calling” doing this. You are really directly helping people and changing lives.

~~ Anne

Talk about old habits dying hard! In just a couple weeks of being open to learning, and committed to positive change, she is hopeful and feeling more confident. And she’s getting positive feedback in return. Voila! Action and reaction.

This is the start of changing her life for the better; I guarantee it.
So…how about “pulling an Anne” this weekend?

Think about how smart, kind, interesting and lovely you are and how much you have to share with some great guy. Then grab your grownup girl, your courage and your true desire to have the love of a man…and go out there as a woman with a screaming vibe that lets them know that you are ready and interested.

And see what happens.
Go to my Facebook Page and tell us how it goes, okay? (Please don’t make me ask you again.) Share your tips. We all want to hear about it.

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