Tons (of Free Stuff) Going On for V-Day Week!

So you may or may not be looking forward to this week, but there is so much great stuff going on! The only way I figured I could share it all with you was to post it here. Whether you’re interested in rocking your career, your love life and/or your beautiful home or office…I have it all for you this week! And it’s all free. Cool, right?

Could Your Career Be Tanking Your Love Life? TONIGHT Monday, Feb 11, 6:30pm PST

Do you think that maybe – just maybe – your career is somehow jeopardizing your love life? Whether you love it or hate it, there’s a really good chance your work is working against you and your dream of love. Join me and my friend and career expert, Christie Mims, for this free call to learn 3 BIG TIPS that you can put in place immediately to help you move forward in your career AND in your love life. Register for the free telecall here.

Have a Date with Me on V-Day and Make It the Last  One You Spend Alone!   Thursday, Feb 14  5:30pm – 7:00pm PST (Stop in when you can)

All right, let’s put it all on the table: Valentine’s Day (aka “Single’s Awareness Day”) can suck! As a single gal I used to hate it. Let’s make it a date. (Even if you have one, join me before.)  I will be giving you my TOP TIPS on how you can start meeting and attracting more men the very next day.  (And it’s really not difficult stuff. You just don’t know it yet.)

The night will be full of surprises including PRIZES and special guests! Drop in any time, but don’t miss it!  If you can’t make it live don’t worry, they are all being recorded so you can catch it after the live event. February 14th, 5:30-7:00PM (PST) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

Is Your Environment Attracting Love and Happiness? (Available now)

If not, it’s time turn your home into a sanctuary that supports your goals, relationships and vitality – RIGHT NOW! You see, women are the rulers of their domain. Your home IS where the heart is—so if you simply see your home as a thing to maintain or just a place to contain your clutter (uh…that’s me)…then you are missing a huge opportunity to use it as part of your life force.

My friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan, The Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, is offering a complimentary video training series especially for you to rock your home’s mojo and create a beautiful environment that’s rich with vibrancy, inspiration and ease.

Among other things you will learn the HUGE no-no that holds you back from succeeding in life that most people do in their bedroom without knowing it.
Get immediate access to Deborah’s professional Feng Shui wisdom by clicking here.





P.S.: There is no obligation to buy anything ever, but if you ever do, know that I’m an affiliate of Deborah’s and Christie’s, which means if you buy something I do get a commission. Full disclosure here, right?  [divider_top]

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