From Hopeful to Grateful: Our Personal Message for You

I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday and, actually, not every here celebrates it. I also know that there are hundreds of thousands of you from all over the world who visit my website. So I waited until the T-Day hubbub was over to share my thanks and blessing with you!

My Very Special Guest (Mr. Palmer) and I are sending love to you and yours as this holiday season approaches. My absolute goal is to give you all the advice and support you need to lead you to the love I know is waiting for you. Together we’ll make this year the LAST one you spend simply hoping for Him. Stick with me and next year you’ll spend it being grateful for him!

(By the way, after you watch this, if you haven’t already, go register for my free Grownup Girls’ Night Out! It’s going to be a virtual party FILLED with expert guests, tons of tips and gifts…and you’re invited!)

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