Over 40 Dating Tip: It’s Really Not about the Size of Your Thighs, Part I

When I used to meet men, my first mission was to make it clear to them that I had a very full life and was doing just fine on my own. I thought it was important for them to “know who I was.” After all, I was an independent woman, and I was not going to give up or change anything for any man! If he was the man for me, he would appreciate my strength and the real me; then we could move forward.

With this approach, I had more first dates than Macy’s had sales. And I was absolutely 100% certain it was because of the size of my thighs. Seriously! That’s how I rationalized why I never got asked out on second dates. I told myself it was because those shallow, superficial men were all looking for a hot bombshell who wouldn’t be too much work. They just wanted her to be great to look at, flirty, and sexy. They couldn’t handle a woman like me who wanted to have meaningful discussion and insisted on being respected.

This was a story I truly believed, and it protected me from the truth for many years. I actually waved it as some sort of proud banner: I’m too smart for those men! But the reality was that I was sabotaging every date I went on. I was ruining the chance of a second date, and therefore any chance at relationship…and it was all about me…

…After quite some time and a lot of self-discovery, I eventually came to understand that what those men heard every time I droned on was: Hey!!! Mr. Man!!! I don’t need you!!!!

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