Join Me in Telling Other Women They Are Valued and Beautiful

8 years ago, while I was in a local ladies’ dress shop, I watched a woman adore herself in the mirror; she was wearing a gold sparkly dress. I could tell that she loved it — and loved herself in it. It was early December, so I assumed she wanted to wear it for the holidays.

She put $25 down on their layaway plan, and left. I know she was hoping to find the remaining money, and then come back to claim her dress. But the look on her face told me that she wasn’t so sure she would ever be able to.

After she left, I asked what she owed. It was only $15! I paid it, and asked that they call her to tell her that a stranger paid for the dress, and — Happy Holidays!– it was hers to come pick up.

I have returned to that shop every year since; bringing whatever cash I could. Sometimes I pay off the balance for 15 women; other times just 2 or 3. The store owner and I share the joy of doing this together.

Every woman deserves to have a beautiful dress. Yet so many hard working, worthy women just can’t afford one.

I’ve shared this story in hopes of finding others to join me in this loving expression of support for our less fortunate sisters. It’s easy to do, just find a store in your neighborhood, like I did.

This is a wonderful way to impact the lives of women and make them feel special and valued. I recommend giving this a try, and please pass it on to others. It’s fun, brings joy to many people, and it feels great.

With a grateful heart – for all of you and for my utterly charmed life,

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