Happy Anniversary to ME! (A personal note to you)

Bobbi and Larry Palmer, Date Like a Grownup

This week we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. These years have gone by in a flash, and they have, hands down, been the happiest years of my life. Not only have I never felt so loved, but I have never felt the joy of being able to love someone else so deeply and freely. (This picture is from our first weekend together in the wine country.)

My marriage five years ago was also the beginning of a new career for me: helping women do what I did. I am blessed with the opportunity to help you find not just the love of a man but love of yourself and your life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me in and trusting me. I want you to know that I realize you’ve created a nice life for yourself, and I admire you for that immensely. I also admire you for being here, reading this, because it means you’re trying to make that life even better. It means you have hope.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned that I think you should know:

1.  After 40 is the very best time to be looking for love. Not only am I living proof, but so are my many, many clients who are having fun dating, meeting nice men and falling madly in love with great guys! (Off the top of my head: Glenda, Beth, Karen, Rebecca, Sharyn, Jeanine, Shari…congrats on your courage and all your successes!)

2.  If you are in your 40s, 50s or beyond and you’re single and still hoping for love, you are not alone and it is NOT too late!

3.  Now that I’m married, I see happily married couples all around me. In particular, I see tons of women with loving, devoted men. I didn’t notice them when I was single. Go figure.

4.  There are a couple huge ironies to all this finding love stuff, especially for those of us women dating over 40:

The good men want us just the way we are…it’s just that we don’t know how to be ourselves around men.

— This seems so damn hard, but it’s really pretty easy when we stop trying so much.

5.  If you’ve been dating and not finding good men, if your relationships fizzle before they start, if you’re yearning for love but not going out there trying to attract it…here’s what I must say: if you stay the same, you will stay single.

Women ask me all the time: how did you do it? Here’s the naked truth: I realized it was ME who was keeping me from what I wanted, and I fixed it. I didn’t have to change who I was. I had to learn a ton of new things, be a little brave and have some faith in the unknown. And I became the woman who attracted the fabulous man I go to sleep with every night…and will the rest of my life.

Here is one of my favorite quotes that, interestingly, I found as I was writing my wedding vows:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”~Lao Tzu

What can I say? Go for it. Open your heart, open your mind and stop getting in your own way. Who you pick and the life you create is up to you. Grab your power and go for it. To say that “it’s worth it” is the biggest understatement. Being in love is divine.

With love, commitment and excitement for our future,


PS: I urge  you to attend my upcoming teleclass where I teach you the 5 Keys to my finding love.




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