A Senior Love Story You Just Can’t Miss

Senior love - Couple

Today the New York Times published an article about an epic senior love story. I’m still smiling from reading this beautiful story of love and marriage. I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss it.

Here’s an outline:

  • Gertrude and Alvin met at a gym.
  • She’s 98. He’s 94.
  • On their first date Alvin thought that “there was something about her that made [him] want to keep on talking.” They instantly became an item.
  • Their neighbor said “I see [them] running around like two high school sweethearts, holding hands and kissing, and driving to New York City on weekends. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.”
  • At their wedding, when their guitarist began strumming “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Gertrude emerged from a side room and began walking slowly toward her future husband, his eyes welling with tears.

Come to think of it, this really isn’t an ‘epic’ late-in-life love story. It’s not legendary or heroic. It’s a story about two ordinary people who fell in love. They just happen to be in their 90s.

When you read about Gert and Alvin you will see that they are simply two people who, throughout their lives, have grabbed on to all the sweetness and happiness.

When they met, they grabbed on to each other.

What a wonderful lesson. What if we all just grabbed on to what made us happy? What if we went after love without the fears and the “what ifs — whether in our 40s, 50s, or way beyond? (This really is the BEST time to find love!)  Tell me in comments: What would YOU grab on to? Or what are you passing by due to your fears of the what ifs?

You can read the full New York Times article here.

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