3 Ways to Prepare for a Great Date

Before we get to our blog post, can I brag to you for a minute? I did two things in the last two weeks that I’m really proud of: 1) I started exercising, and 2) I didn’t work at all last weekend, which was the first time in months. (The hubs was rather glad about that, too.)

Aren’t you proud of me? We all have areas of our lives where we can make improvements. It’s not always easy, but when we take even small steps it feels really good, right?

What about you? What have you done recently to create positive change in your life? Anything having to do with your journey toward finding companionship and love, by chance? Email me! I want to hear about it!

Okay…here’s your Friday Quickie compliments of the amazing and talented Christine Kwok of BalancedStrength.com.

Feeling unenthused about dating? You are not alone. Many of us feel that way.

You may be telling yourself that it’s all about the men (or lack thereof), but it can often be because you feel less than your best.

These tips will help you boost your mood and give you new vitality, changing the way you look at dating.

1. Hydrate. It is already a great practice to drink plenty of water every day. An average, moderately active person’s need is approximately one-half ounce per pound of body weight—and more for somebody who is more active.By maintaining good hydration, your skin will look better with less crêpe paper-like lines; you will feel more energetic; and a glass of wine will not make you feel loopy. (Staying lucid is important when you’re dating!

2. Be active. In the morning before your date, go for a power walk, hike, swim, or do some other moderately intense physical activity you enjoy. Why this helps is still not fully understood, but being active is proven to have a positive effect on your mood. It helps you relax, while making you feel happy and energetic.

3. Open your chest. Huh? How? Using a tennis ball or other firm, round object, roll it firmly under a flat hand, over the areas between your sternum and shoulders to simulate a chest massage.After rolling, stretch your chest by placing your hands on either side of a door jam, pinch your shoulder blades together and lean forward to stretch your pectoral muscles.

  1. Perform a couple scapula mobilization exercises: sit or stand straight with your ribcage drawn down and elbows at your sides, and pinch your shoulder blades together while imagining you are crushing an apple being held between them.Another exercise is to reach your arms up then slowly draw your elbows toward your waist, keeping your elbows in a wide plane of movement, stretching your chest while you draw the bottoms of your shoulder blades together.

Repeat each exercise five times.

These few actions will improve your posture, give you more energy, and help you look and feel more confident so you can get out there and meet some great men.

Have fun! Come see me in March and I’ll give you more quick and easy exercises to help you feel great!

Christine will be offering more quick fitness and wellness tips at my Grownup Girls’ Day Out in Irvine, CA, on March 5.  You can learn more about here at her website. You can also sign up for her FREE online health club at www.v4fitness.com.

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