Scared of Men or Dating? Check Out My RANT!

Last night was my Grownup Girls’ Night Out webcast. I’ve been doing this live for about 2 1/2 years now. Every month I get online with hundreds of women and coach/train on a new topic that will help them reach their goal of finding forever, fabulous, love.

Last night I spent an hour answering questions that were submitted by my loyal GGNO membership. Great questions like:

  • How do you deconstruct the “wall” of fear, built with bricks of avoidance and history of independence that inhibits fully opening up to being pursued by someone who is attracted to you? 
  • Why are guys head over heels for me in the beginning but lose interest after a few weeks?
  • The older I get, the more I notice I am losing my playful side. How can I revive/unearth/ rediscover this sparkling side of my personality?
  • How do I embrace my feminine energy?
  • Besides respect…what’s a man’s fundamental need? 
  • How can I want men who are good for me and stop wasting time with men who aren’t?
  • How do I figure out when a man is being honest?
  • How do I spot players quicker, so I don’t waste time. Maybe it’s intuition?Maybe I need a Fairy Godmother with a magic wand? Just kidding 🙂
  • How can I practice the skills required for a longterm relationship while I am single?
  • Where can one meet good men of substance, and stop pushing the online thing. it’s an urban myth and the biggest marketing con of the early 21st century. 
  • I have emailed several men on a few dating sites just to say hi and tell them to contact me if they are interested in getting to know me. I have not gotten not even one response??? Just want to know what I am doing wrong?? These men look at my profile daily so it makes me feel that they are interested, but never give me a chance.  
  • What do you do if all the men who approach you are men you would never consider dating?  

GOOD questions, right?

I answered these and more. You can watch this Grownup Girls’ Night Out for the next couple weeks right here for free. If you’re not already a member you will be automatically enrolled. (It’s totally free and you can unsubscribe any time.)

For now though, I hope you watch this. I went a little cra-cra but…I want you to know that this love thing doesn’t have to be scary or full of drama or a feeling like you have no control. YOU DO HAVE CONTROL! You just have to TAKE IT!!!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. Let me know!!

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