Compassionate, Respectful, Personal Support…Exclusively for Women Dating after 40

So, you’re a woman dating after 40, dating in midlife, a “mature” dater…whatever you (or others) want to call it. I’m guessing this wasn’t how you envisioned things to be at this point in your life.

Being “out there” dating at this time of life can be fun. It can also feel… Exasperating. Exhausting. Soul and ego-crushing. Boring. Shocking. Confusing. Depressing. Hopeless.

You’re not alone. There are millions and millions of women from all corners of the world who have found themselves in the same situation. You are each unique and special, but here’s what you all share:

your feelings, fears, and dreams of how you imagine your life with Him…they are completely different than those of 20 or 30-somethings. You need someone you can trust who understands and respects that.

Finding love in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond has its unique challenges, for sure. But finding love at this time of life also has its extraordinary gifts!

The joy and safety of passionate, profound, grownup love are out there for you. There are just some things you first need to know.

Here is where you get guidance, teaching, motivation, and compassionate understanding to lead you to that beautiful life. And it comes from a woman who has been where you are and knows exactly how to get you to where you want to be.

It’s time. Time that you start living your grownup love story.

You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.

There are just some things you don’t yet know.

You know you can be “fine” being alone for the rest of your life, but when you let yourself think about it, you know you want MORE.

You want to love and to be loved. You want a partner instead of having to do it all yourself. You want to be like all those other women who it’s been easy for…or they have figured it out.

You haven’t been able to. And your biggest fear — when you let yourself feel it —  is that you will never know the love or the life you’ve allowed yourself to imagine.

It’s a rabbit hole you hate to go down. Wanting something so badly, and not knowing how to get it. Trying hasn’t worked. Avoiding it hasn’t worked.

Hey…I understand you. I was in and out of that rabbit hole for decades.

Being single at this time of your life is not your fault.

The FACT is that you can nail this love-thing once and for all.

All you need is some new information, compassionate guidance and someone you can trust to lead you, keep you encouraged and keep you accountable.

I needed an expert partner to guide me on my journey to love…millions of women do. In fact, over 50,000 smart, independent, accomplished women like you are part of my Date Like a Grownup community (and we’re growing every day).

When you imagine it, what does a happy life with a wonderful man feel like to you? Is it feeling safe and at peace? Feeling sexy and adored? Is it knowing that you have a constant companion who always has your back and loves you for all you are — and are not?

Your investment for intimate Private Coaching starts at $7600 and requires a 6-month time investment. You also need to be ready to trust—not just in me, but in yourself.

Ready to make the commitment?
Schedule a 45-minute Discovery Session.


Whatever your dream…

whatever your challenge…

I am here to support, educate and gently (yet purposefully) push you to your goal of finding that One Man who will love and adore you for the rest of your life.

Date Like a Grownup 1-1 Private Coaching is for you if:

  • You have a great life, but lasting romance and love have alluded you.
  • You accept that you are responsible for your actions and outcomes, and that you have more to learn when it comes to yourself and men.
  • You are hopeful, if even a little nervous, about unapologetically committing to making this The Time you add joyous love to your already good life.
  • You are tired of doing everything alone, and are looking for a partner to share all things in your life.
  • You realize that you need a PARTNER in your journey to finding love; someone you can trust, who is committed to teaching, supporting, motivating, and expertly guiding you to your very personal goals in love and in life.

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I support you regardless of where you live via telephone or using my private online meeting room. Your private coaching with me is very personalized, focusing on where you are in your life and where you want to be.

Together…we get you there.

I am 100% committed to getting you from where you are to where you are craving to be.

Our partnership requires a commitment of time and a financial investment.

Your investment for intimate Private Coaching starts at $7600 and requires a 6-month time investment. You also need to be ready to trust—not just in me, but in yourself.


My 1-1 private coaching is based on my PROVEN and POWERFUL 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him System. I developed this proprietary system specifically to help women like you find the passionate, lasting, grownup love you deserve.

With this foundation, you are prepared to go out in the world as a confident, optimistic and powerful woman who is unashamedly committed to bringing love into her life…and who knows EXACTLY how to DO it!


Here are just a few of the women who worked with me privately, and completed my Date Like a Grownup 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him system. (You can read about the system below on this page.)

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Here is exactly how I guide you to your Grownup Love Story.

While your work with me is personalized and tailored to your unique needs, my 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him System guides you through your journey to love:

Step 1:  Who Am I? Falling in Love With My Grownup, Sexy Self

Yes, you know you are attractive, smart and downright spectacular. After you complete this step you are going to OWN that when it comes to dating, romance and relationships. You see…you ARE the woman the men you want WANT, you just want to make sure you are Her when you’re with men!

Using my unique powerful, but simple method, you will get reacquainted with the whole you, including the gorgeous feminine you, and be able to express her to attract the masculine man you want to share your life with.

Step 2: I’m Fabulous, So What’s the Damn Problem?

If you’re like many successful, single women, your 18-year old is still steering your ship when it comes to men, dating and relationships. I will guide you through digging in and uncovering the voices in your head that self-sabotage and veer you off-course from your oh-so important goal. Then, you will learn powerful tools to shut those voices down and allow your grownup self to run this part of your life as well as she runs the rest!

Step 3:  Who is He? Getting Past My List

There is a gigantic difference between a man who is a good date and a man who is a good mate, sister. In this life-changing step, you will learn why the men you have been attracted to just don’t work out.

When you complete my process, you will be crystal clear about the man and relationship that will truly make you happy. You will also know how to spot a good guy when he’s sitting in front of you and quickly chase away the losers and leavers!

Step 4: Casting the Net: Where is He and How Do I Meet Him?
Yes, I’m going to give you places to go and things you can do so you can be in the company of attractive single men. That’s the easy part, though, because good men they are everywhere. The key is what to do once you’re in the same room with them!

Get ready to learn how to confidently and effectively initiate and maintain a conversation with any man and, if you like him, get him to ask you out. You will receive scripts and answers to many of your ‘What-If’s’ to guide you. You will also learn some simple but oh-so effective uses of body language…all designed to help you make connections in a 100% classy and grownup way. No game playing…just being YOU and attracting the guy who digs who she really is.

Step 5: From Rendezvous to Romance

Now learn proven but powerful techniques that help you relax into your dates as you flirt with flair, keep him interested and learn what you need to know about him so you can make a good choice. Also, learn exactly how to manage the blabbering man or the silent guy, what to do with the guy you like who puts the move on too soon, etc.

YOU are in control of all your dates and I’ll show you how to take that on with class, kindness, and grace. This way your dates will be fun no matter what and you won’t miss great opportunities with good men. (Which you are doing now…I guarantee it.)

Step 6:  Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Learn the specific questions to ask and things to consider when deciding if he’s a potential great mate. Instead of approaching this emotionally or with your intuition – which hasn’t worked so far – you will use all your previous steps to inform your decision. This balance of head and heart IS Dating Like a Grownup. If he is for you,   If he’s not, learn when and how to leave. 

Your investment for 1-1 Private Coaching requires a 6-month commitment and your investment begins at $7600.

You need a dedicated partner on your journey to love.  Complete the Date Like a Grownup Discovery Session questionnaire and schedule a 45-minute appointment with Bobbi.


Want to learn more about Bobbi?

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