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Online Dating: How to Get Started and Make it Work

As if dating and mating wasn’t hard enough, technology has added a variety of new challenges to the art of hooking up. Not only do you have to master the computer crud, you have to… Read more

Online Dating First Date Tips for Grownup Women (Part 3)

Continuing from my last two posts, a great way to meet men is to use online dating. When you meet for the first time after connecting online, though, it’s just a meeting; it’s not dating. Some… Read more

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Online Dating First Date Tips for Grownup Women (Part 2)

The truth is that when you connect with a man online, your first date is not really a date at all. Continuing from my last post, when you’re using online dating, if you remember nothing else, remember… Read more

Online Dating Advice: Why You Should Make Your Wish Out Loud

I had to share this story. It’s absolutely true. It’s about a courageous grown-up woman who confessed her secret wish, did a little work, and then had her wish come true. My client Pamela is… Read more

Online Dating over 40: It’s Not Your Height: It’s Just…You

An Online Dating over 40 Scenario I had a great four-hour lunch with my friend Jan this weekend. Among other things, we talked about her love life. She’s been doing online dating for quite some… Read more

Online Dating Over 40: Mastering the “Meet Date”

In the World of Online Dating over 40, When You Assume It Makes Both You and Me…Single Raise your hand if you can accurately read the minds of your girlfriends. My guess is that, at… Read more

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Do’s and Don’ts About Online Profile Photos for Women Dating after 40

Posting online profile photos can feel agonizing, especially for women and most especially for women dating after 40. Writing a profile and filling out questionnaires can be a challenge, but the posting pictures part is… Read more

5 Must-Know Tips for Boomer Women Dating Online

Dating sites report that their fastest growing segment are people over 50. My clients, women ranging from 35 – 65, are having great success with it. Face it: online dating is the new hot spot… Read more

7 Love Lessons for Women Dating After 40 From Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris and I have some important Love Lessons for you if you’re a mature single woman looking for love. My proud lefty, progressive, feminist self is over the moon with the woman who will… Read more

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Online Profile Tips for Mature Women- A Guy’s Perspective

I hope you’re online, especially now with COVID 19. Today I’m giving you online profile tips for mature women (like you!) who are looking for a real grownup man. These tips come directly from a… Read more