Imagine being able to go out in the world as the confident, optimistic, powerful woman you are…unashamedly hopeful that you will bring love into your life…and knowing EXACTLY how to DO It!! 
(You are not too old, too independent, too smart, or too late. This can be your life even if you are a little afraid to finally go after love with all you have.) 
How much longer are you going to wait?

Your journey towards love and partnership starts right here.

Who is This For?
Why Should I Trust You?
How Does It Work &
What's Included?
More Questions? NP.
Here are Answers.
Want Some Proof?
Here It Is.  
Who Is Over-40 Love School For?
Why Should I Trust You?


Over-40 Love School is for women who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond and are through with being single.  Whether you have been actively looking or simply wishing...if your dream is to spend the rest of your life in a healthy, joyful, secure relationship...


Can you relate to any of this?

On your birthday, when the dinner party you're invited to is all couples but you, when your girlfriend takes off on another trip with her feel your solitude intensely. You work hard to convince yourself that you're fine alone, but the loneliness creeps in. You're really not fine and you know it.

You look around and see so many women who have what you want, and you wonder what they have that you don't. Or why men choose women like them and not you? refuse to pretend to be someone that you are not.

You've tried. Between books, blogs, seminars, talking to the guy in the grocery line...You're still single. Then there are all those dating coaches and their promises. Like someone can teach you something that will make things so different? You have doubt, but you also have hope.  
You're kind of pissed that you are here having to read this page. You know you deserve what those other women have. But how do you get it?  WHY DOES FINDING ONE LOVING MAN SEEM SO HARD?
Your life wasn't supposed to be this way.  

Imagine if things were different...


What if at night when you finished work your first thought was “Fantastic! Now I get to go home and be with him!”

If instead of feeling like something is wrong with you…every day, no matter what you’re doing, you know you're a desirable and well-loved woman.

If you knew that wherever you go – dinner parties, the theater, Sunday brunch in your sweats, on vacations – you will be by the side of a man you adore and are proud of.

If you knew that it is no longer only you making every decision, taking care of yourself and those you love, and facing the challenges that seem to be inevitable at this time of life.

Imagine having a partner you can depend on.

Imagine being secure in knowing that you are his absolute #1

It’s more than possible. YOU can make this happen for yourself…with some help.   

That’s what Over-40 Love School is all about: moving you from being a smart, busy, accomplished single woman to a smart, busy, accomplished woman who is loved, cherished, and part of a team.
ll the things in your life that you love to do!

Here's some truth:  I don't have a magic wand to make this happen for you. It will require your commitment, courage, open mind, and open heart. And it won't happen overnight. You have decades of beliefs, behaviors, feelings, and experiences that make up who you are and where you today.   

Here's the good news:  You are in control of whether love enters your life! You get this control IF AND ONLY IF you are ready to own that your singleness is about you. You are the one thing that's consistent in all your dating and relationship drama. That means you can change it. Ready to do that? Now you're in control.  

 How do I know all this?  I've been in your shoes, sister. 
You CAN be one of those women who can love and be loved  completely and fearlessly. 

Why NOT You?

We’ve been together for over 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier. He’s my travel companion, lover, friend, confidante and so much more.
I was an attractive, successful, intelligent, fun, active 64-year-old woman. I had been dating a bunch of men over the years without success. I had a 25-year marriage and two long-term relationships that didn't work out.
Frankly, when I found Bobbi I was burned out, a little bitter and confused. It was apparent that what I was doing with men wasn’t working, but I didn’t know what would work. And I certainly wasn’t getting any younger.
I took a leap of faith and hired Bobbi as my personal dating coach. That was the BEST money I have ever spent.
Bobbi is so intuitive and supportive, and with her guidance through her 6-Steps I started seeing things differently. I finally felt in control of the type of man I wanted and deserved.  And wouldn't you know...I found him! Thank you, Bobbi! 
– Karen


Okay, you might be thinking...

“Easier said than done,” right? Well, part of the reason it’s hard for women at this age is because most of us have been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...and for a very long time. 

Take a look at these mistakes below, and tell me if any of them sound familiar:

Mistake #1: You focus on finding a good date rather than finding your ideal mate.

If you have a pattern of dating and dating but never ending up in a happy relationship, or you keep avoiding dating, it’s because you probably think that having fun on a date is what leads you to love. You really don’t know who or what will ACTUALLY make you happy. And until you know, you won’t be able to find the right-man-for-you.
Dating or planning to date, without knowing what you need to be happy for a lifetime, is like trying to drive somewhere without knowing your destination or having directions. You can drive all you want, but you’ll never get there. (Because you don’t know where there even is!)

Mistake #2: You keep telling yourself that it will “just happen“ (and you put off making any real change).

Let’s be honest – if you’ve been single for a while, that’s almost certainly NOT going to change unless you do something new.

Every day that you wait is one more day of staying single when you don’t want to be.

In the scope of your whole life, what is more important than THIS? And given that finally finding forever love is a process that takes time, why not get started NOW? It’s time to be proactive and smart in your love life, like you’ve been in other areas of your life.

Mistake #3: You believe after all this time that you can still figure this out on your own.

When you’ve been stuck in your career you’ve hired a consultant or taken classes, right? You hired someone who had the skills to get you to the next level. You’ve probably used a trainer to help keep you on track with an exercise program. You need someone to push you beyond where you would go on your own and keep you accountable.

Truthfully, finding love, especially after 40, is HARD. You need support, a CLEAR plan, confidence in yourself as a desirable woman with the ability to make good choices, and a community to go to for help and to keep you motivated.  No one should have to tackle such a big life goal on their own. I didn’t and neither should you.

There is one thing that every highly successful person knows:

When you have the right tools and the right succeed!
Here’s just A *Small* Taste of What’s Included:
Reveal the Lovely, Desirable Woman Inside You [because SHE is going to easily attract high quality, commitment-minded men]. 
Abandon the Old Stuff that’s Holding You Back [so your fears and false beliefs stop getting in the way of  what you want most in life].
Recalibrate Your Man-Picker  [and start choosing men with whom you actually feel safe, valued and excited]!
Cast Your Net in a Grownup Way and Get Your Romance On [with me by your side]
You are Ready for Your Grownup Love Story!
Go Find Your Loving Life Partner and Get This Done Once and For All!

That Sounds Great Bobbi,
But Can I Really Trust You?

(This is some pretty heavy lifting.)


Most dating and relationship coaches will tell you their story about their personal  challenges and how they came to become a successful coach helping thousands of people around the world. I can do all that, and will if you want me to some other time. But I think my 30-year odyssey from single to married is way TMI.

So instead, here’s
a rundown of who I am and why I  can be The One Expert who can lead you to your love story :

My commitment is to give you proven tips, sophisticated tools, compassionate support and expert coaching that make your next years your very best years…by the side of a man who loves, adores, and excites you.

I have been featured in countless digital and print publications as the expert on helping women over 40 find love. I also appeared on The Today Show twice, which I admit was great fun!  
How could I put a worth on having more self-confidence and knowledge that my life going forward would be so much better than the past? That was priceless and I’m so glad I made the investment...See you at my wedding!  

Before working with Bobbi, I was feeling incredibly stuck. I'd been divorced for 3 years and fumbled around with online dating for about 6 months without success. My lack of success made me feel like I couldn't ever find love – and my negative self-talk constantly came knocking. But working with Bobbi  in her 6-Step System changed everything! 

I am now in a relationship with a wonderful man that I met online. There’s NO WAY I would have given him a chance prior to working with Bobbi. He  supports in me in ways I’ve not experienced before, we have a strong foundation of similar faith, and we meet each other’s needs – everything that really matters to me. Bobbi helped open my eyes to be able to see what would really make me happy. And it's him!

Financially speaking, it was challenging to spend that much on myself on this program. But how could I put a worth on having more self-confidence and knowledge that my life going forward would be so much better than the past? That was priceless and I’m so glad I made the investment... to think I would have missed My Man!
Jeanette  T., 46
A few months later:
I would never have seen the amazing man Lance is without your guidance. I learned so much about myself and about what I wanted in a man while working with you through your 6-Step program. Thank you for such an amazing gift. See you at my wedding! Happy Days!

Hi Bobbi! It was largely because of you and your guidance that I met my husband online through Plenty of Fish. You guided our group through the process of clearly defining who we were and what we were looking for. With that clarity, I was able to push away the cobwebs and know with more certainty what was important to me.

In January of 2016, I was going to the beach and asked him if he wanted to accompany me, just to have a pleasant outing. He said yes and, as I got to know him, our pleasant acquaintance became a romantic relationship.

I noticed that when I decided to marry him, the decision was made with both my head and my heart. We are as in love and committed as ever, and our first year wedding anniversary is coming up in May. So thank you because you definitely helped make all of this happen. It was you who helped me see clearly who I am as a woman and what I wanted in a man. Much love to you.

T. L.


How Does Over 40 Love School  Work
What’s Included In The Program?


To bring forever love into your life you need three simple (but not always easy) things:
You need help learning new perspectives, tools and facts…so you can get out of your own way.
Undervaluing yourself, misunderstanding men, missing opportunity and old, self-sabotaging thoughts and habits are preventing you from finding love. The answer: Objective, expert and honest support and training, so you can start attracting and choosing men who make you happy. If you could find your way to love you’d be there, right?
You need a proven process so you can take a step toward love every day...with clarity and purpose. 
That “I’ll meet a guy naturally” thing that worked in your 20s and 30s doesn’t work now. Taking the right action in an intentional way is how you’re going to bring love into your life.

In the Over-40 Love Program, I guide you through my 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him System. This is a powerful, proven system that gives you tools you need to succeed. 

No more trying to guess what you have to do to stop being single or to start attracting the right men. With this new foundation, a LOT of your fears and doubts fall away. Why? Because you (finally!) know how to take the reins and take charge of this part of your life. Once you know how, you you can do it, right? 
You need motivation, accountability, and cheerleading.
Again, I’m not going to lie to you. Dating at this stage of your life is hard and finding the right man for you takes time. It can be easy to get discouraged and give up. What helps: feeling and seeing positive RESULTS every day, constantly learning more about yourself and men and having a coach and peers who truly understand your feelings, your fears and you’re your dreams. Instead of saying: “I can’t do this” you will start to say: “I can’t wait to make this happen!”

 Over-40 Love School begins May 28, 2018.

I guide you on a journey to grownup love, along with a small group of very special like-minded women.
You will join a very special small group of women who have me as their coach over the course of 4 months!

This gives me time to really get to know you. We get past the surface stuff that you've probably already tried and dig in to your very personal and unique needs. 

Between each group session you will have independent work and practice that moves you through the self exploration, new experiences and new learning that leads you to...your new life filled with love!  

Along with a small group of like-minded women, I coach you through my powerful and proven 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him system.

Month 1 - 2: You master the life-changing internal work that prepares you to (re)enter the world of dating feeling desirable, hopeful, prepared, and excited!

You are ready to magnetize quality men and make good choices (like the smart, confident, grownup woman you are).  

​​​​​​​Month 3-4: You get online (with my guidance, of course) and learn how easy it is to meet men anywhere and everywhere.
​​​​​​​This — plus learning the joys of grownup men and how to effectively communicate with them — well-prepares you to enjoy dating, get more dates, and ultimately attract (and pick) the right man.   

Module 1
Who Am I? Falling in Love with My Sexy, Grownup Self 

Rediscover the lovely, desirable Woman* inside you and learn how to express Her to men.
*That's Woman with a capitol W! 

We start by focusing on the most important person in this equation: YOU.

You have gone through decades of people telling you who you are and who you should be. It's time you give yourself permission to focus on who you are and who you want to be. You ARE the woman the man you want WANTS.  After this step you are going to OWN that, sister.  It's time you get to know the REAL you and you let her SHINE!
Give yourself the permission you need to focus on YOU...and learn to make your happiness the #1 goal of the rest of your life. (It's not being selfish. You will ultimately choose a good, generous,  grownup man...and when you're happy, he'll be happy. It's automatic!) 
Rediscover the feminine, soft, vulnerable side of yourself that has been hiding. (You are going to fall SO in love with her!)
Learn how to express your newly emerging self in a way that the right men can’t get enough of and the wrong men run from.
Believe – feeling it in the depths of  your heart – that the man you ultimately choose will be receiving a damn fine gift.
Define and embrace the whole you - the woman with smarts, success AND a loving, open heart. (She is the woman who magnetizes the caring, committed, alpha-man you're going to spend the rest of your life with.)
Module 2
I'm Fabulous, So What's the Damn Problem?
Dump the old stories that have been playing in your head for decades...and replace them with grownup (aka REAL) truths that lead you to the confidence to go out there and find your heart's desire. 
This is where we get you out of your own way.  Like many smart, successful, mature women, your 18-year old is still steering your ship when it comes to men, dating and relationshipsdi

Together we dig in and uncover those self-sabotaging voices that have veered you off-course for so many years. The  techniques and tools you learn put you on the path to with the confidence and self-care you need to attract  good, grownup men. 
You will stop believing that you’re too old, or not the type of woman a man wants, or that you will probably fail if you try so why bother?  
(Umm..because you WANT this!!)
The "men are jerks, and only want younger women” thing? We all have these stories and truths, and they are very powerful demons that serve no purpose but to keep you down. (They are NOT true!)
Learn how to use powerful techniques and tools that shut down your old stories so your grownup self can run this part of your life -- just like the rest of your life!
Stop allowing your "gremlins", limiting beliefs and assumptions keep you from going after love boldly and unapologetically. (Again like you've probably gone after all those things you've accomplished.) 
Feel the joy of connection and love all around you; not just with men  but with children, parents, bosses...all the people in your life. (Yes, this is challenging. I won’t lie. Is it also life and love changing! And you CAN do this!)
Module 3
Who is He? Getting Past Your List
Recalibrate your Man-Picker  so you can start choosing men who make you happy!
There is a gigantic difference between a man who is a good date and a man who is a good mate, sister.

In this life-changing module, you learn the science of why you have been attracted to men who end up hurting you AND a brand new way to determine whether a man has potential to make you happy. (Yes, you can learn to be attracted to the "nice guys" you make you feel safe, valued and excited to be with!]
Dump your addiction to your ‘type’ that has been disastrous for you in the past. (That includes dumping your fantasy that there is some perfect specimen out there, which is keeping you from liking any man you meet.)
With a fresh new perspective about yourself, coupled with your new 411 about grownup men (they are so delightful and are looking for YOU!), you start making decisions about men in a way that leads you to happiness. (Whether you end up with him or not.) 
Understand what a man who can make you feel safe, valued and adored LOOKS LIKE…so you know it when you see it. (And because you’ve completed Module 1 and Module 2, you will be able to attract those good, grownup men!)
Be crystal clear about the man and relationship that will truly make you happy, and be able to spot him. (Get ready to finally be able to trust yourself to make good decisions!) 
Module 4
Casting the Net: Where is He and How Do I Find Him?
Time to start dating like a grownup!
Time for the rubber to hit the road! Together we create a plan to get you to places where you can meet mature, quality men. (Yes, you have to get out of the house and get online.)  

We find "organic" ways like in the grocery store, car wash, or maybe a meetup. It's also time to get you online! (Maybe again?) With my help you learn to create a profile that attracts the right men, make good decisions as you man-shop, and  get the men you like to make a date!  All in a grownup, classy, non-manipulative way. 

Don't be nervous, you have completed Modules 1-3. You now know what a catch you are, you know how to show him, and how to pick the guys with great partner potential. (Oh, and you  have  new understanding of grownup men. You are ready to rock and roll!) 
Start confidently and effectively initiating and maintaining conversation with any man and, if you like him, get him to ask you out.
Have exact words, phrases and scripts to many of your ‘What-If’s’ to guide you.
Know when and how to use simple but oh-so effective body language and powerful words to let him know you're interested. (You let him be The Man and ask you out. You just give him a classy, grownup, feminine encouragement.
Create an online profile that attracts the right (grownup) men and repels the wrong (narcissistic, selfish, lazy) men. 
With realistic expectations of men and of online dating, you avoid the constant disappointment, hits to your ego and hurt feelings.
Understand how men approach online dating and how you should be more like them. (Yep.)   
Module 5
Rendezvous to Romance 
You know ways to meet single men and you have dates. How do you stay motivated, safe, and getting those next dates with the men you want to get to know?
You are loving being the “whole” woman you are – girliness, age, baggage, imperfections and all.  You have learned so much that you're loving  yourself and grownup men. You are starting to finally trust yourself in this part of your life.

You’re hopeful and know you can weather any downs, because you’ve been getting great results; you know how to do this.

You feel safe being just a little vulnerable and approaching the world of men with an open heart.

You are meeting and being romanced by men who are kind, cute, interesting and commitment-minded.

You are on your way, baby, with me in the background…there for you when you need me!
You know how to be memorable and  magnetize men with how relaxed and open you are on dates. 
You know how to handle the blabbering man or the silent guy, what to do with the guy who puts the moves on too soon, and more. 
Come home from each date having learned something new and looking forward to the future; not exhausted and worried that you did or said something wrong.
You are attracting quality men, maybe for the first time in your life. Every date is practice and you weather the ups and downs with grace and maturity. (Being honest, you can't avoid this. But I will be by your side; keeping you positive, moving you forward, and making sure you are loving and honoring yourself.) 
Maintain your dating and relationship rules and boundaries to keep yourself safe physically, emotionally and spiritually. (These are promises you make and keep to yourself.) 
Module 6
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 
Instead of approaching decisions using your intuition or emotions, use all of your previous steps to inform a decision that is best for you.
Know how to  make a  decision about whether he is for you, using a balance of head and heart. And if he's not, know when and how to leave.
Learn the specific questions to ask and things to consider when deciding if he’s a potential great mate.  
Know how to exit a budding relationship gracefully and with minimal heartache and zero guilt, so you can move on to find your forever man.
Finally trust yourself to make the best decisions for YOU when it comes to staying or going.

I admit it. I was a skeptic. I was convinced that no datable men would be interested in a "fluffy" 46-year-old career spinster...also that online dating was evil. But I was wrong, wrong, wrong. After I completed Steps 1-3 of her 6-Step Find Hope Find Him system (which is brilliant, btw!), I finally went online. Bobbi practically had to drag me kicking and screaming.  

Bobbi taught me how to identify the scammers and players and showed me the magic formula for writing emails that got responses that led to phone calls that resulted in dates. (Yep, real dates with actual cute men who have jobs.) Within the first two weeks I had dates with three different men! 

It's been about 3 months since I first went online, and am now dating a great guy who thinks I'm fantastic. We are having a great time going on picnics, seeing movies, and get this -- taking dancing lessons. Yes, dancing lessons. I have Bobbi to thank for all of it. 

Do yourself a favor, don't wait any longer. Work with Bobbi through her 6-Step system so she can help you start meeting high quality men and lead you to love.

– Jeanine S., 56

(This is pic i Jeanine at her wedding to Ron, that "great guy" she mentioned. I had the honor of officiating their wedding!)

Participate in online events with guest experts who teach and support you on complementary areas of your life, including:
- Sex and Intimacy
- Style Secrets
- Authentic Communication 
- and more.

These live sessions will be available at various times throughout your 4-month program.

Value $600.  Yours included free!
A panel of men are joining us LIVE to share their thoughts and feelings about dating, relationships, and sex,

You will be able to ask your own questions and hear directly from these generous men aged in their 40s - 70s. 

Value $200.  Yours included free!
When you have a date with a man you like you want to learn as much about him  to know as much about him as possible without interrogating him. Once you see he's got potential,  you want to be so memorable that he can't wait to spend more time with you. Bootcamp gives you all this training and more. 

 This program unlocks after you complete Module #3. 

Value $200.  Yours included free!  

This 7-day homestudy program is a simple and fun way to start clearing your emotional junk so the Very Best You can can go after (and get!) what you want most in your life right now - That One Special Man. 

You will receive Day #1  of this homestudy program one day after you enroll. Get started right away!


Value $100. Yours included free!


Would you know a good man if he was sitting right in front of you? If you've been choosing users and losers, FYMP helps you  start picking men who make you happy.

This homestudy program complements Module 3 and unlocks after you complete Module 2.

Value $200. Yours included free!

Online dating is the best way to meet men. But if you're unskilled, have unrealistic expectations, or take things can be the worst experience of your life.  

This 7+-hour homestudy program teaches you the A-Zs of online dating. It unlocks after you complete Module 3.
 Value $300. Yours included free!  

Access Over-40 Love School from anywhere, at any time. No travel involved.

Everything you need to be successful in the program will be in your Date Like a Grownup Learning Center, Facebook group, or delivered to you via email.

You can watch at your own pace as each new module unlocks. If you keep up with everything in the program on schedule, you can expect to spend 3-6 hours per week between watching the training and doing the work.

Can’t keep up? Did life get in the way?

No worries! That’s why everything we do is recorded and you have lifetime access to the DLAGU Private Learning Center
Access From Anywhere, Anytime, No Travel Involved

Bobbi, I wanted to let you know that I took your 6-Step course after finding myself divorced at 42 after being married for almost 25 years.

Your coaching was exactly what I needed at the time to gain the confidence that I was lacking to be able to be single and date after 40! I am very excited to say that I took your advice and got on Match and YES met the man of my dreams!!

I am ecstatic to say we are getting MARRIED!! My dream guy (Jim) is giving me the dream wedding that I've always wanted!! He is everything I've ever wanted and dreamed of in a life partner. He is wonderful - so please tell your readers / clients never give up! There are great men out there and yes yes yes they are looking for great mature women - not 20 something girls!!

Keep up the great work you do! You really are helping us!!


Want Some Proof?
Here's What Other Women Say!!

Here’s what just a few of my past clients have said…

I was skeptical and invested in her private coaching, and after six weeks online met D.

Bobbi helped me to bring out my "feminine energy", tame the gremlins (our limiting beliefs), and speak in nuggets (with feelings and not facts). She taught me about letting men being men and staying in the feminine. I'm a surgeon this was hard for me. But it works!!!

You really have to do the inner work before you can be successful with men and definitely before you go online. You have to know and love yourself, learn about grownup men (they really are SO different!) and stay positive. Bobbi helped me do all that and then it all comes together.



Before Bobbi's Love Program, I was feeling super frustrated with dating because it just wasn't happening even though I felt like I was in a place of really liking myself. I'd been dating online on and off for about 10 years and wasn't finding my right man. I'd taken other programs that taught that we can only find love when we love ourselves. So there I was at 49 feeling like I was good with me and Love still wasn't happening.

The Love Program helped me realize I used to date men hoping they’d like ME. I used to date the same type of men – Type A, gregarious men – and catered to them trying to please them. After a while I’d start to feel resentful that they weren’t making me a priority. I found that as a real pleaser I'd put my wants, my needs, and myself in the background as a result. Through Bobbi’s coaching, I’ve been able to speak up for what I need and want which has really helped me in the dating world. Now I make myself a priority, and shifting away from hoping he likes me has really empowered me to make better decisions about who I want to get to know better.

Best of all, I met someone amazing! Still a Type A, gregarious man (I didn't have to dump my “type” once I tuned in to how to show up in the dating world) but now that I know how to honor my needs, he has in turn - over the top - made me a priority. And that feels SO good! We are so happy together - and it's been almost 9 months!

Bobbi helped me get clear on my Must Have’s - which single handedly rescued this relationship. At one point, petty things about this man were really irking me. But when I looked at my list of Must Have’s (which Bobbi taught me in Step 3). I realized he had them all! That made the petty things fade away, and helped me appreciate what I have in him. Instead of ending the relationship over things that were getting on my nerves, I was able to have a productive, grownup conversation with him about those and things are great now. (Which I couldn't have done without Bobbi's help.) That alone has made my investment in Me worth every penny. I'm so in love with a really good man!

Vicki R, 48


Prior to working with Bobbi, I had given up hope on finding Love. I had struck out enough times that I was over it. Done. I'd convinced myself that at 62, I didn't need a man – that I'd just move on. Then I found Bobbi. Her eBook and emails were so sensible and real – and all of her information focused on feeling good about ME first – which I really resonated with after giving up.

I finally decided to take the plunge with Bobbi's Love Program. I liked her intelligent, adult approach, focused on women over 40. Bobbi gave me incredible confidence and optimism. I knew I'd be able to do this. With her help, I got a great profile together, and fantastic pictures. She gave me just the tools that I needed.

This program was really worth every penny. I’ve wasted so much money over the years on stupid things, I really wasn’t going to let this be the one thing I should have tried but didn’t.

Now, after meeting several high quality men, I'm in a fantastic relationship with an active, interesting, good-looking man who I'm really enjoying. We met online and I'm hopeful for the potential. I never would have been here without working with Bobbi privately in her 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him Love Program. Thanks Bobbi

–Suzanne, 62

More Questions? No Problem. Answers Are Here!
Got Questions? We have answers!

Wait! This program is perfect for you. During the first three phases we focus on YOU, helping you become the confident, feminine, open-hearted woman who enjoys dating and attracts the right men. Then you’re ready to start dating! Together we make a plan for you to get out and start meeting good, grownup men. I guide you each step of the way. It’s time to be proactive and smart about this. And take action.

That’s really good, but you're still single. You know from your experience that getting dates is only a small piece of this puzzle. Feeling hopeful and awesome about yourself, understanding what you need to be happy and then being able to attract that man...this is what leads you to love. That's what I'm going to help you do.

You're right, it is a lot of money. What is having love in your life worth to you? Really...take a moment and think about what it’s worth to you to have love in your life. The reason it is expensive is because it is so worthwhile, and there are very few experts that can help you do this –especially at this stage in your life. I accept very few private clients. I'm your partner – on your team...and giving you as much focus as I possibly can for 4 months.

How is what you’re doing right now working? How is what you’re doing right now working? You can keep doing what you’re doing and be pretty much 99% sure you won’t have the love of a man in your life. OR you can make a commitment to yourself to go after this with gusto, with a coach who has years of success helping women like you create a really great life with the love of a man. I CAN tell you this: Women who follow my advice and have been guided through my 6-Step System find love.

Yes! I am going to expect you to focus on yourself and your love life for 4 months. (At last!) Like anything else that you’ve done that you’ve been successful at, you’ll have to make an investment to learn how to do it well. This is no different.

When you’ve been stuck in your career you’ve hired a consultant or taken classes, right? You hired someone who had the skills to get you to the next level. You’ve probably used a trainer to help keep you on track with an exercise program. You need an expert to push you beyond where you would go on your own, guide you and keep you accountable.

That’s quite fine. I won't make you go online. We will make a plan for you to meet men in your everyday life, at events, etc. The Love Program is 100% personalized and based on your needs, your lifestyle and what will make YOU happy.

Finding love doesn't mean you have to get married. It just means you have a partner in your life who is committed to making you happy, sharing good and challenging times and giving you squeezes and kisses. Yummy. I hope this helps you! And, hey, if this program isn't right for you, I get it. I'm still your coach, sister. We're in this together and I'm committed to helping you find a loving, smart fun guy to share your life.