Imagine Waking Up in Just 7 Days Feeling Unstuck, Refreshed and 100% Hopeful About Your Love Life!
You will...after you dump your love junk.

Are you feeling bummed that you're here reading about dating again instead of looking at flight schedules for your next vacation with your fabulous man?

You defintiely have a right to feel that way. It's frustrating.

Here you are at this great place in your life. You've learned a lot, acheived a lot and you have most everything figured out...

except how to find the man to share it all PLUS make your life even more fun, more interesting and way sexier. :)

Well, you're exactly where you need to be right now. 

As a coach helping women like you for 8+ years, and a woman who became a first-time bride at age 47...

I know exactly how to get you from where you are to where you want to be...loved and in love.  

Will you let me help you? 

What are your FEELINGS right now about dating and about yourself in relation to men?

And how are you feeling about your future when it comes to bringing love into your life?

Here's why I ask:

You've had so many experiences with men throughout the years. Some positive; I'm guessing most not.

Each of your experiences leave you with thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself, men, dating and relationships...and these layer on -- one experience after the other; year after year. 

After the years, you can start looking at your chance of finding love through a hopeless and negative lens. And THAT'S exactly what continues to keep you single!  

Fear, pain, shame, blame, boredom, self-criticism and doubt...and often hopelessness...I hear this from women like you every day. 

It's hard sometimes to stay hopeful. It's hard to stay positive. It's even hard sometimes to keep liking men, right? :) 

I get it. I've been where you are. I dated almost 30 years before I figured out this grownup-love thing.

I don't think I have to tell you that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a huge effect on the outcomes in our lives.

As much as we may try to stuff it or hide it, our cynicism, internal conflict, mistrust (of ourselves and of men), fear, past hurt, hopelessness...

it all exudes and 
creates energy that men can FEEL...

and most of all, that YOU can feel. 

Try as you will to keep dating, stay positive and tell yourself that you're doing all you can to find fabulous love...these layers of emotional junk are there and getting in your way of showing up as the kind, wise, interesting, compassionate and beautiful woman that you are.

You see, SHE is the woman who will attract the Perfect Man For You. 

Keep only those things that speak to your heart...discard all the rest. 

That's from Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She's talking about clearing your physical stuff. 

Dumping that junk isn't really about having empty space, is it? It’s about making room for what’s new and what’s better!   

This is exactly what I’m going to help you do...

STARTING TODAY I am going to help you start Dumping Your Junk -- in your head and in your heart -- to make space for what's next for you:

Loving and being loved by a good man...for the rest of your life!  


The Dump Your Love Junk program is a simple and fun way to clear your emotional junk so the Very Best You can can go after (and get!) what you want most in your life right now - That One Special Man. 

My new 7-day Dump Your Love Junk program does for your love life, what Marie helps you do for your closet. (And ultimately for your life!)

Dump Your Love Junk guides you through clearing the clutter, the junk, the old beliefs and the fears that are standing in the way of you being open to loving and being loved.

You have spent decades accumulating crud that has stuck to you...and has kept you stuck.

Your parents, your siblings, your exes, your girlfriends, magazines, movies, media, the crap you see every day on the's constantly layering on, telling you what you should BE, THINK and FEEL as a woman. 

Over the years these messages have defined your worth as a woman. They have defined what you think you NEED to be happy. And they have defined what you should think of men.

So much of it was -- and IS -- complete JUNK!

Not only is it not serving you, it's exactly what is
creating the barrier between you and The One Thing you want most…  

The one thing that will give you SUCH joy.

So how about getting started on dumping that damn junk??

What women are saying after just a few days in the Dump Your Love Junk Course

I'm only on the third day and I'm loving the course...It's genius!

I've done so much work on myself. I'm a coach too, but even so, it's really hard to see my own bullshit! :) I've realized that I haven't been as transparent with men as I could be, I've been hiding, being guarded, trying to be "perfect", and tend to stay with guys too long when they don't share my relationship goals. Thank you, Bobbi   ~R.L.

I feel a new sense of hope and that life will not continue to pass me by because of my past. 

Your program made me stop and think about things. I am on day 3 and your video brought tears to my eyes. I know that I am not finished with the program yet, but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for using your past hurts and experiences to help other women. It's been a long time since I have beI feel a new sense of hope and that life will not continue to pass me by because of my past. en on a date and I'm rusty. I truly feel [this program] is going to change my life even more. I feel a new sense of hope and that life will not continue to pass me by because of my past. Thank you again!   ~M.M. 



The small changes you make during the course of just 7 days will have deep, love-changing effects!

Dump Your Love Junk is like cleaning your closet: It’s small...

Small: The investment. $27, the price of a pedicure (without the wax dip.)

Small: 7 Days.

Small: The shifts in thinking that will open  you to love.

…yet it’s BIG.

Big: The results.

Big: The peace you will feel when you are no longer beating yourself up.

Big: The confidence you will have with men when you no longer fear rejection.

Big: The freedom you feel when you give up the anger and regret you have about past loves.

Big: The support you’ll have from your loved ones when you know who to trust.

Big:  The happiness you will feel when you internalize you are more than ENOUGH, just the way you are.

Big: The validation and guidance you will get after the program from women just like you.

BIG: The relief you have when you no longer feel like a failure in this area of your life.

BIG: The hope you will have that your man is out there, ready and waiting just for YOU. 

Start Dumping, Sister!
Your learning and 'big ah-ha's' start the minute after you register!
Here is what you'll learn and do each day of the 7-day Dump Your Love Junk program.
I will guide you through a powerful exercise that leads you to a clear vision of what it feels and looks like for you to be loved by a good man. This vision will guide and motivate you throughout the seven days and beyond.
Day 1
Learn the ways you unknowingly hold yourself back from love and specific, simple action to take to start making changes to instantly improve your dating and romantic life.
Day 2
Dump your fear of dating and stop bullying yourself so you can start expecting great things to happen. Start becoming your own best friend!
Day 3
Dump all the stories about why you are single and start accepting your innate goodness and lovability. Permission will be granted to love yourself just the way you are!
Day 4
Dump your fear of rejection so you can show up with men as your authentic, strong confident self. Your walls will start to come down so love can get in.
Day 5
Dump the baggage from past relationships. Start working on clearing the guilt, regret and second-guessing so you can love again with a fresh start and with a better man.
Day 6
Dump the bad advice, old tapes, and expectations from the loved ones in your life. Uncover who can truly support and love you in a way to help you date and relate in a positive, healthy way.
Day 7
Dump all the negative BS you’ve been told about dating after 40. Learn the positive data and science around finding love at this stage in your life. Start understanding that grownup love CAN and WILL happen for you. 
How your program works:

*  Each morning, starting tomorrow, check your inbox for an email from yours truly.  

*  Open the email, and follow the link to your Dump Your Love Junk coaching for the day.  

*  Every day you will have a workbook that guides you through your learning and experience.  

*  Some days you will watch a training video – others you’ll do some reading. And some both. 

*  Every day, I give you specific steps to take as a Daily Action, which let's you apply what you have learned to your daily, real-life.

*  At completion of the program you will receive an invitation to join a free, exclusive (and private!) group of women who will continue to support you in your journey beyond the 7 days.

Dana W.  42

Bobbi’s coaching has changed my life.  I’m free of the old fears and anxieties that I used to feel about dating. Bobbi has helped me dump the old lies I was telling myself and to learn the real truths about myself. 

​This is a whole new way of thinking that I'm 100% sure will lead me to love. I now feel powerful!

Pat D.  56

After a 35-year marriage and suddenly being widowed, I was struggling as I began dating again. Periodically, I would try to convince myself that I really didn't need a man. However, I continually reverted to missing having that "one" special person in my life. So I decided to find help. I've met an amazing man! We are making plans for a trip to Italy in spring. I feel freer - more trusting and courageous - to enjoy what I'm experiencing in this relationship. I can't tell you enough how much you've helped me.

Why should you embark on this 7-day journey?

Because starting anew...refreshed, optimistic and ready to be loved is a must-do first step in dating like a grownup. You can't fit in anything new if there is all that crud keeping you frozen, scared or hopeless.

I don’t want you to spend another year flailing away, trying to figure this out. There is a way to do this, there are just some things you don’t YET know. (But, you are about to!)

It's time to stop hitting the snooze button on your love life and take action.

Let’s face it, we both know that what you’ve been doing up until now hasn’t worked, or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Don't think you are alone! I was exactly where you are for (literally) decades. And so are thousands and thousands of other women. The fact that you're here tells me that you're ready to take steps forward. 

By the way, if you don't know me coaching is different.

I won’t waste your time with advice that only works for 20 or 30 somethings. No silliness. I focus only on what I absolutely know works for YOU: a smart, successful woman over 40 who finally wants to nail this part of her life.

A woman who is ready to shed the old and discover her new future…a future that includes yummy love from a man.  

You deserve to be happy in love!

Dump Your Love Junk is the best first step you can take right now. Hundreds of formerly single women have already tested, and succeeded with my programs.

Now it’s your turn.


Yes, Bobbi, I’m definitely ready to give myself a fresh start with your Dump Your Love Junk 7-day program.

I recognize that you are the rare dating coach who has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT and is in a successful marriage. You know where I am and where I want to go. You get me.

I trust that this will be a great first investment to make towards having this be my fresh start on the way to my own grownup love story. I’m so excited that I’m only 7 days away from feeling more refreshed, optimistic and ready for love.

I KNOW THAT MY INVESTMENT IS ONLY $27 and that I won't be able to get this price again.


YES! I'm ready for my new start!