You Won’t Hate First Dates When You Follow These Tips

Do you hate first dates? Hey, I used the be the no-second-date queen! But now I know that first dates are wonderful opportunities, and I teach women how to make the very best of every one. After all, it’s a first date that led me to my husband…the love of my life.

Watch this “Blab” video, co-hosted with my friend and colleague Sandy Weiner, CEO of Last First Date, and get our best tips on making every first date great. Learn how to get past the awkward moments with ease, how to get your date to open up, how to make sure you shine and show your best, real self…and more!

After watching this video you will have new tools to help you approach each first date feeling relaxed, optimistic and in control. Who knows…the next date may be the one that leads you to Your Special Man!

(Want more? After you watch the video, click here to find out what grownup men REALLY want when they go out with you on a date. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

First Date Success Tips



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