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A self-paced course proven to help you make a beeline to attractive, interesting, grownup men who are looking to be a loving, committed partner to a woman just like you.

Smart, respectful, real-life coaching
for the mature woman ready for love.

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"I know that without Bobbi’s expert, loving, guidance I would still be getting my heart broken by all the wrong guys instead of spending my life with a man who absolutely loves and adores me..."

Before working with Bobbi, I had no problem meeting men, just not the right kind of man. It seemed like I could never meet the kind of man who wanted a long term relationship.

Bobbi taught me how to let go of my “list” and hone in on how I wanted to FEEL with my partner.

Then it became so clear to me! Joe, a man who had already been in my life for years, was that man who could make me happy. 

I know that without Bobbi’s expert, loving, guidance I would still be getting my heart broken by all the wrong guys instead of spending my life with a man who absolutely loves and adores me and my daughter. Bobbi’s coaching gave me a new perspective and changed my life forever.  -Shari B.

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Here's How Your Program Works and What You're Going to Learn
Get started immediately after your register! 
Beginning the day you register, you will receive a message in your inbox each day for 14 days. Some days will be an assignment. Some days something to keep you motivated and moving toward your goals. 
Get Well-Prepared for Success
Jump in and familiarize yourself with your Private Date Like a Grownup Learning Center. Also, be guided through exercises to help you stay focused and committed to your oh-so-important goal of finding your loving life partner.
Understand Why You've Picked the Way You Have in the Past So You Can Get Over It and Move On!

You're going to learn:

  • ways you unknowingly hold yourself back from love
  • the science behind why you want certain men even when it hurts
  • ways you have picked in the past (so you can learn for the future)
Start Feeling HOT For the Nice Guys! (Surprise! You really CAN.)

You're going to learn:

  • how to shift your judgements of men based on what will make you happy for life (not just a date or a month)
  • how to use your new-found wisdom to start creating your life-changing list of grownup must-haves
Learn How To TRUST Yourself and Your Choices!  

You're going to learn:

  • the real-life experiences you should expect to tell you whether he's a man with potential...or you should run
  • how to become an expert picker when online dating
Get to Know Grownup Men and How to Attract Them (Just by being more YOU!)

You're going to learn:

  • what good grownup men really want
  • how to bring out your lovely feminine (which is a masculine man-magnet!)
  • the secret to expressing yourself that shows the right man you are the woman he wants

You will hear from me every day with a new module or a check-in with encouragement and friendly reminders to keep moving forward!

Create Your Plan to Meet Good Grownup Men 

Now you know how to spot a man who has potential to be your partner, and you know what you need to do to attract him.

In this time of COVID-19, you need a new kind of plan to be able to meet single men. You won't leave this course without that plan! (With my help of course.) 


ONLY $167.00

About what you'd spend on one hotel night on a weekend with your girlfriends.

When you register by Sunday, October 18...I WILL REWARD your ACTION with these EXTRA BONUSES:

  • 30-minute PRIVATE coaching session value $225
  • Intimate group coaching session value $120

Total value $325

Here's How You'll Feel After Completing the
Fix Your Man Picker Course

Here's All I Am Giving You to Help You Start CHOOSING & ATTRACTING Grownup Good Men 
30-minute PRIVATE 1-1 COACHING!
When you register by Sunday, October 18* 

Since you are committing to actively work on your  love life, I want to help you personally!  When we get together via Zoom, I will support you with your most burning question about anything!

2-hour Intimate Group Working Session
When you register by Sunday, October 18* 

I am going to roll up my sleeves and help a small group of you apply all you learned to your real life. I will personally review your new must-have list and answer questions about how to go forward making decisions that lead you to love.

5+ hours of Recorded Coaching

Over the course of 12 days*, you will see single men in whole new way, and learn to judge them with your grownup smarts and heart. "Flipping this switch" has changed the lives of hundreds of women worldwide by steering them to men who add JOY to their lives.

Inspiration and motivation throughout

I will be in your inbox daily with support, cheerleading, inspiration...all designed to remind you that you are not alone and to keep you moving toward your goal of learning how to spot and choose a man who will add joy to your life!

Detailed Workbooks and Worksheets
There is going to be a lot of new information coming your way...not to mention new perspectives that can rock your freaking love life. You won't miss anything when you use your support guides to follow along, complete the interactive exercises, and keep your personal notes.
Exercises and Action Items that Work
You are not just reading or are DOING! This "bakes in" the learning which leads you to real understanding and positive transformation!
Audio Recordings

Every woman learns differently. Your FYMP program offers you a choice. Each session is available in video and audio.

Lifetime Access

You will have forever access to the entire Fix Your Man Picker program so you can refresh and review any time.

*BONUS coaching sessions are only available when you invest by Sunday, October 18.
Your 30-day No Risk Guarantee

We are absolutely sure that the Fix Your Man Picker course will help you break old habits and start seeing men in a new, different and more positive way...which will exponentially increase your chance of meeting Your One. Because we are so confident, and sincerely want to help you in your search for love, we offer this guarantee:

In the highly unlikely event, after viewing all coaching and completing your independent exercises, you believe what you learn will not help you spot and attract better quality men ..we will refund your investment, no hassle or hard feelings.

Read what more women are saying after completing the Fix Your Man Picker course...
  • There’s NO WAY I would have given him a chance prior to working with Bobbi. While he's not that "shiny" man that my 18-year-old self was looking for, he is the best guy for me!

    He supports me in ways I’ve not experienced before, we have a strong foundation of similar faith, and we meet each other’s needs – everything that really matters to me. Bobbi helped open my eyes to be able to see what would really make me happy. And it's him!  -Jeannette

  • I wouldn't have given him a second look had you not helped me rethink my ‘must haves’ and dump some of the superficial traits that my 18-year-old self insisted were mandatory for Mr. Right.

    I can't thank you enough for how much you helped me look at love through a different lens and approach dating as a confident, capable, desirable grown up gal! I will be forever grateful! - Margo 

  • It was largely because of you and your Fix Your Man Picker course that I met my husband online. You guided us through the process of clearly defining who we were and what we were looking for. With that clarity, I was able to know what was important to me.

    We are as in love and committed as ever, and our first year wedding anniversary is coming up in May. So thank you because you helped me see clearly who I am as a woman and what I wanted in a man. Much love to you.   - T.L.

Fix Your Man Picker e-Course

Begins Monday, October 26
30-minute PRIVATE 1-1 COACHING!*
5+ hours of Video Coaching
Inspiration and motivation throughout
Workbooks and Worksheets
Exercises and Action Items that Work!
Audio Recordings of All Coaching and Training
Lifetime Access

*BONUS coaching sessions are only available when you invest by Sunday, October 18.
STOP choosing users and losers.
START choosing and attracting men who make you happy!
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Full Pay
It's time to stop hitting the snooze button on your love life and take action.
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