Date Like a Grownup Coaching Circle
Ongoing support, training and keep you moving toward your grownup love story!  
Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Now it's time to get out there and Date Like a Grownup. Are you wondering...

How do I keep those 'gremlins' from getting me down so I don't give up on my dream?
Should go out with him again even if I didn't feel any attraction?
How do I turn a man down kindly but firmly?
How can I tell if he's looking for something serious or just playing?
What do I do if he wants sex too soon or if he doesn't even make a move?
What can I do to get more dates with the type of men I want to meet?
How do I decide when it's the right time to be exclusive with one guy?

These, and so many other questions will come up as you make your way through this new way of connecting with single men, going on dates and developing relationships.

Finding (and picking) your Special Man relies on you making good decisions and continuing to learn from every experience along the way.


Join me for my Date Like a Grownup Coaching Circle and get ongoing, honest, expert support and loving, understanding community that you can count on.  
Bi-monthly Laser Coaching
Starting Monday, March 28, every two weeks you will be able to get on the phone with me and your DLAGU sisters. I will begin each session with a topic (selected by you). Then, since this is an intimate group of women, you will be able to get my focused coaching and support with your specific questions or challenges, and you will learn from the other women in your Circle.    

Coaching Circle calls are every other Monday, at 5:30pm PT. If you have to miss a call, don't worry. You can email me your questions and then listen to the recording any time. 
Private Facebook Group
You will have an intimate, secret Facebook group where I and your sisters will keep supporting, encouraging and even pushing you (if you need it). 

Hey, it's sometimes easy to fall back into your 'I don't need no stinkin' man' mantra. Not this time, sister. You are on your way!
A gift! Date Like a Grownup Bootcamp!
Learn how to Date in a Way to Find Love with my 4-part audio course. 

Every single date is an opportunity to meet the man you will enjoy the rest of your life with. DLAGU Bootcamp teaches you exactly how to show up prepared, as your very best self AND confidently and comfortably make a nice connection (with the right men) so they ask you out again and again. The value of this gift is $127!   
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Date Like a Grown Up
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