The Happy Truth About Men and Commitment (and George Clooney’s Wedding)

When I say these two words — MEN and COMMITMENT — what comes to mind? Men are commitment phoebes? Men are afraid of marriage? Men just want the milk without buying the cow?  Anything like this pop into your… Read more

Are You Attracting Cads and Pingers? (FemiType #6: The Sexpot)

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Talking About Money When Dating or in a New Relationship

Here’s a question: What are two of the most delicate topics you have to traverse when you’re getting to know a man and wondering if he could be The One? Sex and money, right? Face… Read more

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Stay Safe and Stop Getting Hurt By Setting Dating Rules

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4 Ways to Get His Attention Online or Out and About

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Midlife Sex: A Reality Check

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One Surprising Way Men Help Us While Hurting Us

It’s your fear of rejection that is getting you rejected. ~~ Bobbi Palmer I know…I write about rejection a lot: how to recognize when it is and isn’t real; how there’s no such thing as… Read more

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How Do I Tell Him I Have Herpes? [Video]

If you are over 40 and dating, it is extremely likely that you have something that you’re afraid to share when you meet new men. How do I tell him I have herpes is one… Read more

Man and woman deciding when to have sex

How Do I Decide When to Have Sex?

Do you find the decision about when to have sex is intimidating, even though you’re dating in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond? You are not alone, sister. I get a lot of questions about… Read more

How to Magnetize the Men You Like: Top Tips [Video]

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