You DO Need a Stinkin’ Man, sister Part 2

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What Good Single Men Really Think About Strong Women

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It’s NOT the size of your thighs, sister!

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You DO Need a Stinkin’ Man, sister

Question: When you see other women like you who are in nice relationships, do you wonder how they got there? What did they know (or have) that you don’t? Well, you know I got married… Read more

Ever Say “My Life is Great…BUT…?” (Let’s take care of that But!)-Love School 2022

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Tracey Testimonial about dating after 40

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6 dumb deal breakers blinding you to true love

6 Dumb Deal Breakers Blinding You to True Love

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Love Program-Just Be Yourself And You Will Easily Attract The Right Man: Your “There to Here” Big Lesson #3

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LOVE PROGRAM It’s REALLY NOT the Size of Your Thighs: Your “There to Here” Big Lesson #2

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Join Me in Telling Other Women They Are Valued and Beautiful

8 years ago, while I was in a local ladies’ dress shop, I watched a woman adore herself in the mirror; she was wearing a gold sparkly dress. I could tell that she loved it… Read more