Being Your Best

Scared of Men or Dating? Check Out My RANT!

Last night was my Grownup Girls’ Night Out webcast. I’ve been doing this live for about 2 1/2 years now. Every month I get online with hundreds of women and coach/train on a new topic… Read more

Find Love After 40

6 Compelling Reasons to Find Love After 40

What if I told you that falling in love when you’re 40, 50, 60 or beyond is the BEST time? When you find love after 40 it is eons better than when you are 18… Read more

My Very Personal Perfectly Imperfect over 40 Love Story

Here are 4 words that, years ago, I never thought I would hear: “Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!” Yep, this week Larry and I celebrated the 10th year of our over 40 Love Story. No expensive… Read more

Should I Trust My Intuition About Men

Using Dating Mindfulness to Create Connection and Chemistry

Definition: “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn Sounds simple and kinda easy, right? Wrong! Why do you think Zen Buddhist monks meditate for… Read more

middle age woman worried sad dating

How Your Old Dating Rules are Keeping You Single

I’m writing this as my husband, Larry, and I drive back from our little hideaway in Baja. When we go, Larry takes care of most everything. Making the plans with our friends, grabbing the passports and… Read more

Good Sex Aging Couple

Good Sex and Aging Bodies: 5 Tips To Go From Snooze to Shazam

Good sex and aging bodies is NOT an oxymoron.  If it’s been on your mind, you’re in good company, sister. But before you go thinking the days of Great Sex are behind you, I want… Read more

pensive woman dating

Ready to Date Exclusively But He’s Not? Here’s What to Do.

You feel ready to move forward in your relationship and want a commitment to date exclusively. He hasn’t brought it up. What is a smart, single, over 40 woman, who knows what she wants supposed… Read more

Coping with Critics: How to Use Criticism to Your Advantage

Last week I was deluged with emails and blog comments from a very mean someone. My work, my personality and even my body were on the list of cruel insults. How do I handle coping with… Read more

single during the holidays

Single During the Holidays: Avoid the Blues and Make the Most of It

Single during the holidays – this was probably NOT how you pictured your life at this stage. Whether you are accepting and content with your singlehood or plunging forward with dating, this time of year… Read more

You Won’t Hate First Dates When You Follow These Tips

Do you hate first dates? Hey, I used the be the no-second-date queen! But now I know that first dates are wonderful opportunities, and I teach women how to make the very best of every one.… Read more