Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

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So…how was your week? How did you feel about V-Day? Maybe I shouldn’t say this — I’m in the love business after all — but I hate Valentine’s Day.

When I was single I hated it because it reminded me of how single I was. Now that I’m married it’s clear to me that it’s an unnecessary “holiday” created for the purpose of commerce.

That’s right. Valentine’s day is about money. It’s not about the heart. It’s not about love. It doesn’t count.

I’ll tell you what really counts. What counts is that you’re reading this. What counts is that you’re staying open to possibilities, and that you’re working on becoming a confident, open-hearted woman. What counts is that you’re going out there and creating opportunities to attract an amazing man into your life.

You may not yet be doing or feeling all of this, but I know you’re going to get there. How? Because you are here…in this community. That tells me that you are hopeful and willing to make shifts to find fulfillment in this area of your life.

You may find it tomorrow, or it may be in months, but your work will lead you to a relationship that is deep and meaningful; one that doesn’t require a silly holiday to validate your feelings.

Love is what we all want.

It’s what you are going to get.

So stay here. Keep reading, learning, and trying new things.

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With my love and support,

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