To Find Love After 40: Shift Your List

Ever felt like you were standing on the sidelines, hoping a fabulous man would swoop in and name you his permanent teammate? 

Stop waiting to be picked and become an expert picker. All it takes is some shifting of your “list.” Start choosing the good guys and dump the jerks, leavers and losers.

Here, we focus on Step 2 of my Signature 6-Step Stystem, Getting Past My List. In Step 2 you learn the difference between a good date and a good mate by getting crystal clear about the man and relationship that will truly make you happy.

This mini training is was part of my powerful and proven It’s Your Turn to Fall in Love course where you learn how to stop waiting and start dating high quality men!  

So take 5 minutes and check it out. You will walk away with tips and techniques you can start using today.

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