How to Spot Men Who Will Waste Your Time or Break Your Heart

So you’re dating a guy, you really dig him and you think he adores you. Then, boom. He ends it. So, as a woman, even one dating after 40, what do you do? You dwell, you analyze and rehash it into oblivion. What did I do wrong? Why did he do that? How could it have been different? Why is this happening again?

Like life, when it comes to dating, hindsight can be 20/20. In retrospect – when we get enough distance – it’s almost always easy to see the guy pretty clearly. There were warning signs, right? He was emotionally unavailable. He wanted to control you and your life. These guys show their true nature early on – we just don’t want to see it once we get drawn in.

You know these guys. The super fun guy who turned out to be an alcoholic. The brilliant, charming one who swept you off your feet then disappeared without a word. The attentive, take-charge, manly guy who makes you feel so feminine…yet always wants things his way.

There are simple ways to spot these guys from the get-go , as long as you balance your head and your heart and know what to look for. This webcast, which is one of my monthly Grownup Girls’ Night Out free coaching sessions, teaches you the signs and behaviors of the guys who will end up wasting your time, exhausting you and sapping your emotional energy.

Learn these signs so you can run for the hills when you spot these guys!

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