Fashion Flash Monday: Summertime Tips for Women after 40

daily_dose_logo_NAME_ONLYTips and Advice for Women Dating after 40

If finding love with an adult, interesting, committed man is on your dream list, consider opening your mind to see him as such. If you like him, show him, and let him know there is room in your life for the right man. Help him understand what you want and need so he can make you happy. Trust and honor him for the mature man he is. Do that, and the right man will love you for it. And you just might love him back!


Fashion-Flash-logo-e1402163664161-150x150 This Week’s Fashion Flash

Being a successful dater and great partner for a wonderful man depends on you being a happy, healthy, confident woman who takes good care of herself.

Fashion Flash is one of the largest 40+ communities on the web, and I’m thrilled to be part of this wonderful group so I can offer you even more support. It’s all about guiding you to a spectacularly happy love life!

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by my colleague, Inka of

After a lifetime as an international attorney, Inka switched careers some three years ago and has been a free lance travel writer, photographer and novelist ever since. Today she shares why pampering is sooo important, and her experience of one of the most luxurious spas ever: La Caldea in Andorra.

Summertime tips abound from our fabulous group of FASHION FLASH-ers — cool women with some pretty hot tips — as they share how to take care of your skin, nourish your body, dress with style, get stronger and more fit. . .  all in time for summer. 

Enjoy Inka’s site and don’t forget to click on the rest of the Fashion Flash links. 



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