The Secret to Learning About His Past Relationships (Without Ruining Yours)

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The general belief is that you learn a lot about someone by knowing their relationship history. Find out the details about his marriages and romances that didn’t work out, and you’ll get a good idea of whether he’s relationship-worthy, right? When we’re dating after 40, the men we’re meeting have decades of this history. They […]

The Fun of Bringing Out the Best in the Men You Date

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This is Nancy, Bobbi’s assistant and Grownup Girls’ Night Out producer. I’m guest-blogging today while Bobbi is taking well-deserved vacation. We had an amazing response to last week’s post “A Man-Fan’s Fiercely Honest Story of Dating after 50.” In the article, “LM” described his experience dating as a man in his 50s; and they were not […]

A Man-Fan’s Fiercely Honest Story of Dating after 50

LM Headshot-Single Man over 50

OK, Ladies, you want the honest, real, unvarnished truth about what a commitment minded, nice, cute, professional, divorced 54 year old man really wants from you? Are you ready for the truth? Can you handle the truth? Of course you can. You are grownup and you understand how important it is to be empathetic. You […]

The Dating Over 40 Dilemma : Where Are All the Good Guys?


I have some news that will both surprise and delight you. Want to know where all the quality single men are?  They are everywhere! There are about 45 million single men over the age of 35 in the United States. About 8 million are over 65. There are about 7 million single men in Britain […]

NOT Knowing May Be Key to Finding & Keeping Love after 40

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The mind usually says, “I know, I know, I know.” But the “don’t-know mind” is where wisdom lives. ~ Byron Katie At this age many of us walk around with the “I know” mind. “Yeah, yeah, I know that. Been there done that. I’ve had loads of experience, several relationships and maybe even a marriage or […]

How Dating Like a Man Will Make You Happier

Date Like a Grownup

Emotional exhaustion. Hopelessness. Hating men and/or yourself. That’s what dating the wrong way can do to women. You get to feeling like it’s just not worth all the nonsense, hurt and disappointment. Why bother? You have a pretty good life, so why are you bothering? I’ll tell you why: Because you have to date if you want love in your […]

Delicious Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

Bobbi Palmer and her Dad

As Father’s Day approaches I, of course, think of my Dad who left this Earth in 2012. He was a good man, my Pop. His last several years were difficult, filled with numerous medical issues and a wife who was unable to deal kindly with his physical and emotional challenges. So when he left, I was […]

What Grownup Men Really Want From You On a Date


This might shock you:  The intellectual connection and witty repartee that so many of us over 40, looking for love, single women say we want and MUST HAVE is not anywhere near the top of the list for most men when they date. This is why so many women aren’t finding partners: because they are […]

How To Get Your Man to Open Up About His Feelings (Advice from a Dude)


Today I’m sharing a post written by a gentleman named Ben Neal, who wrote this at my request just for my Date Like a Grownup community. I asked him to write about how to get our men to open up (yes! I mean OUR) because, whether you’re dating or in a relationship, getting men to talk about their feelings […]

Hating First Dates ? Do This and You Won’t

Dating Couple At A Restaurant

My hubby and I skipped town last weekend for a 3-day Las Vegas getaway. It was spur of the moment, with a place to stay but no dinner reservations or show tickets. We threw some summer clothes in a bag, gassed up the car and hit the road. Spontaneous, open and with an attitude that […]

How Your Dating Can Help Your Daughters

Childhood Girls

Happy Mother’s Day! In my mind, being a great Mother is the most difficult and most important job on Earth. Admittedly, I don’t know from personal experience, which is probably why I have such admiration for women who have taken this journey. What I DO know, though, is how to help women and girls maintain […]