What Turns Men On About Moms, Caretakers and Workaholics


Do you feel stuck in some definition of yourself that you think renders you undatable or uninteresting to men? I received a comment in response to my blog post Just Be Yourself And You Will Easily Attract The Right Man that was all about this. Give it a read, especially if you are dating after 40 and worry that you aren’t the woman […]

How to Spot Men Who Will Waste Your Time or Break Your Heart

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So you’re dating a guy, you really dig him and you think he adores you. Then, boom. He ends it. So, as a woman, even one dating after 40, what do you do? You dwell, you analyze and rehash it into oblivion. What did I do wrong? Why did he do that? How could it have […]

Fashion Flash Monday: We’ve Got Your Number!


Tips and Advice for Women Dating after 40 Confidence tip: Ask your closest friends to list the things they like and admire most about you, then believe them! Schedule an email for a future date to send to yourself, write them on Post-Its and stick them to your mirror, and scrawl them in your day […]

The Slower Road to Love CAN Get You There Quicker (and Better)

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I love it when I’m proven to be right. Especially when it comes to the things I teach, encourage and nag you to do in order to find love. When it comes to dating, here are a few of the things I urge you to do: Unless the guy grosses you out on the first […]

Why He Won’t Commit or Stop Being a Jerk (And What to Do About It)

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I recently posted an article on my Date Like a Grownup Facebook Page called 12 Signs You’re Involved with an Unavailable Man, written by  Dr. Judy Orloff, This is an important discussion about how to identify a romantic partner who may be Emotionally Unavailable. Geez these “EU” men can really mess us up, right? EU men can be quite charming […]

Fashion Flash Monday: Fashion Around the World


Tips and Advice for Women Dating after 40 Acknowledging your fears with dating is the very first step to better, more fruitful dating. Once you have this awareness, use it to guide you to showing up without the walls and to coming to the table as the authentic, incredibly lovely you.   This Week’s Fashion Flash […]

Delicious Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

Bobbi Palmer and her Dad

As Father’s Day approaches I, of course, think of my Dad who left us in 2012. He was a good man, my Pop. His last several years were difficult, filled with numerous medical issues and a wife who was unable to deal kindly with his physical and emotional challenges. So when Dad left, I was happy for him. […]

Fashion Flash Monday: Let’s Be Chic after 40


Tips and Advice for Women Dating after 40 On a first date, let go of control. You are there to talk and listen to your date, not yourself. Your over-thinking and analyzing will exhaust you. Grab your grownup girl to remind her that you can’t read minds and there are two people involved here. Stop […]

Fashion Flash Monday: Better Love and Life after 40


Tips and Advice for Women Dating after 40 One of the top-ranked attributes men like about women is “authenticity.” Most men can spot your twists and turns, ladies. When you are just being yourself, that’s a turn-on. It signals confidence, which is very attractive to mature and confident men.   This Week’s Fashion Flash Being a successful […]

Dating after Breast Cancer: How to Talk About Your Boobs

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Today I’m sharing a question from a wonderful blog reader that I know will help many of you. As I told her, many women who come to me for coaching have lost one or two breasts to cancer. (Which really sucks.) Dating after cancer can definitely be a challenge, and “S” asks some great questions. […]