[Video] How Do I Get Myself to Think Nice Guys Are Hot?

Last weekend was my live event in Los Angeles: Mastering the Art of Magnetizing Men. During this two-day event I gave women tons of advice and step-by-step tips to help them attract quality men so they could finally meet their loving lifetime partner.

If you’re familiar with my teaching and writing, you know that I frequently talk about “the good guys.” These are the only men we at Date Like a Grownup care about. You should always try to meet these guys, especially if you’re dating after 40!

As I taught during the event, the good guys are the men who Show Up, Step Up and Grow Up. You don’t have to ask yourself “why didn’t he call?” because he calls. You don’t have to ask “is he in to me? because he shows you loud and clear. If you’re not looking to meet men like this; you’re not going to find a partner who can really make you feel safe and adored…even for a month. (And forget forever.)

One of the questions asked was something like this: How do I get myself to like the good guys? I remember having that very question. I was never attracted to the men who wanted me. And the men I wanted had very little use for me. (Sound familiar?)  ‘

The dorky guys — the too nice guys — they just never turned me on. How about you?

Well, now that I’m delightfully married to one of these good guys, it’s my mission to help you break out of your “type” and start looking at men a whole different way. This video is a very small part of my answer to this question: How do I get myself to like the good guys?

What you think about this? How do you tell if a man is someone you want to know better? What are your signals that tell you he’s has potential to be a great husband or life partner? Do you even ask yourself that when you pick who you like? Also, if you’re interested in watching the video of the full event, leave me a message or email me at bobbip@datelikeagrownup.com and I’ll let you know how you can purchase it and get immediate access.

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    Just yesterday, my 6th-grade son asked me, “Mom, why do all the girls only like the boys who get in trouble?” I couldn’t believe my ears! My sweet boy, already realizing that females go for trouble instead of going for the good guys! Clearly it’s hormones at work, and I have only just begun explaining this to my son. The little yummy morsel that Bobbi put in this video clip is just the tip of the iceberg that is Bobbi’s wisdom on this topic. It comes down to this: intense CHEMISTRY gets in the way of our ability to tell if there is COMPATIBILITY. Once I learned from Bobbi and made the choice to be with a great man, he just started getting hotter and hotter :)

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      I’m SO happy for you, Elizabeth. You’ve made a great choice and found a wonderful man! Thanks for sharing this with your son and with the women here. As always, you’re helping women whenever you can.

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    I love that “Is he hot or is he hubbie?” question – and your idea that he can be both, but if he’s only hot, run for the hills. I wish I’d heard that much earlier in my life. Though things all worked out well for me and I found my hot hubbie, it would have saved lots of heartbreak along the way.

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